Michelle Malkin vs. Alex Jones

I don’t see the problem. We should encourage more neocons to scream at each other.

Shows what you know. I can speak for me and I’m this close to getting Power of Attorney from Tom Chick for all of you…this close.

Awesome, can we make this thread about NWJ’s daddy issues? 'Cause it explains a lot.

Or are we just now just dropping non-sequiturs about stuff that may or not mean anything to anyone and or might (or might not) prove anything?

Oh, the horror! In a P&R forum no less!

Some rude asshole going crazy on Michelle Malkin, calling here fascist among other things?

Again, Mayer, I’m not trying to tell you how it is. I do have an opinion, and although I’m certain that it’s nothing like yours, I expect to be able to state it without being personally attacked. So far, you have demonstrated that you are completely unable to show me even that most basic courtesy.

Why do you guys keep insisting that I am trying to show you up? I think that Alex Jones is a crazy truther, who looks like he’s trying to incite violence against neocons.

Thanks again Mayer. No wonder you have 12,000 posts, with helpful incite like this.

That does it. You’re off the mailing list, buster.

This is how the conservatives are trying to reshape the dialogue, yes. They want Americans to believe that simply disagreeing with somebody vocally is exactly the same as oppressing them. We see it all the time with the religious right, and it has bled into the general thought processes of the rest of them.

To keep the nonsense train rolling, Democrats.com is not the same as Democrats.org, nor is it owned by the same people.

Newbies are so darn cute when they’re mad!

We are in suspense! Please, no spoilers!

Before you lump this idiot in with the neocons, you should watch this clip.


Reread the post, and it’ll become clear to you that I was replying to Anaxagoras who was speaking for everybody.

More character assassination that is so helpful to your case.

Personally attacked you? Really? Dude I don’t even know you. You know my real name, which is more than the sum total I know about you.

You’re going to need to figure out how to divorce yourself from your posts and your internet persona.

I’m having some fun with you entirely because you’re a disembodied internet persona. It’s not like I’m heading over to the Everything Else forum and calling you an asshole because you admitted you have a drinking problem or some such.

Don’t be so thin skinned*.

  • Unless you actually have some kind of real disease where your skin is super thin that I didn’t know about, which is totally not what I meant.

Damnit, Mayer, he’s going to single-handedly change our board culture by force of will and incessant nagging. He’s living the American dream right here on Qt3.

Dennis Kucinich? The guy calling for a ‘Fairness Doctrine’, which was a call for the FCC to regulate speech? Yeah, that would be kinda… fascist.

Don’t worry, Inivux, we won’t let him besmirch your legend!

Ah yes, I’m feeling the love now.

Well, I’m leaving for a while to do other things.

But I shall return!!!

She’s a complete asshole for supporting torture. He’s a rude jerk who can’t control the pitch of his voice. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?


Michelle Malkin is kinda cute. Too bad she’s crazy.