Micro videocam? Anyone have one?

I’m doing science lessons with 15 kids (most are my nieces, nephews, and the children that help us out with the frop bog). Besides teaching them basic rocketry science (they’re designing & building their own from scratch as opposed to pre-fab kits) I’d like to spice things up with a rocket view. Micro-cameras have become affordable (one linked below is just $20) so one ship will be a humpback mount to install it in a larger rocket.

So does anyone use an FOD or micro-cam? My big concern is FOV, focus, and getting one to record at more than 20/24 fps. Right now I can’t even figure out how to do that on my normal camera.


I want a video camera in my Estes rockets from 25 years ago!


We’re going to make our own igniters too because $1 apiece is ridiculous.