Microfoft doth purchafe ye olde Lyonhead

What doth thou thinketh?

I think we as a group, should know when to stop.

It’s sad we’re spamming our own forum. It’s sadder that I helped.

Do you think it’s possible to get through the “retaking Kvatch” quest as a pure mage? I had a hella time last night at level 18. A hella time.

There . . . threadjacked, bitch!

I feel dirty now having read this post.

I did it. It was before I went on a Destruction shopping spree in Skingrad, so it was kind of tough and all the NPC guards died, but I got through it. This was level 10-ish. Heavy armor, but no weapons, except for an occasional conjured dagger.

I like this one best. Bumping for justice!