Microsfot's Cinema Now sucks

I don’t have a television set in my small apartment and was seriously thinking about hooking up with MS Cinema Now. It looked good. For only $9.95 a month your able to download or stream movies. I thought hmm… Not bad. Then I noticed something.

Where are all the good flicks? Most are junk!! Hmm… lets see? National Lampoon’s Vacation… bleh! The Toxic Avenger… bleh! CaddyShack 2…bleh!! 98% of MS selection is junk!! I’m a huge horror fan and I couldn’t even find The Thing, Halloween or Aliens. I even looked in the action section and didn’t see one Arnold flick! No Arnold!!! No Terminator or Terminator 2!! Why…

All B flicks! For Horror MS has the whole Faces of Death collection!! Who wants to watch that? I want to see some good Horror, not this junk!

sigh… I noticed a couple of good films. Ghost Ship, Falling Down and Lethal Weapon 2 are good. There aren’t many though.


[color=red]So my question is why can’t Microsoft get some good flicks on their site? Is it money? Would it really kill Microsoft if they got theTerminator films?[/color]


Bah, just go with Netflix, although with them, service depends on how close/far you are from San Jose.

  • Alan

I live on the East Coast. I guess delivery will take some time :(

I’ll check them out. thxs…

I understand this used to be a major problem, but now Netflix now has almost 20 shipping centers including centers in Atlanta, Boston, New York, and Washington DC. Note: I’m not affiliated with Netflix, just a satisfied customer.