Microsoft Broadband Networking question

I have one of Microsoft’s wireless-G kits (the MN-820) that I bought less than two years ago. I hadn’t gotten around to setting it up again since my hard drive crash last year, and when I went to do it today, I started running into problems. When I run the the setup program on the CD, I get a warning that says that the version of the MS broadband networking utility on the disc is not compatible with the current version of XP. It gives you a link to the support site, but the only downloadable version of the utility that MS has generates exactly the same warning.

So I tried running it anyway, and it works fine until the wizard gets to the point where you plug in and configure the base station. It says “press next to configure your hardware,” but when I press next I get a brief loading window and then the wizard just exits to desktop. (Yes, I have Windows firewall turned off.)

I know that MS spun off that division of the company a little while back, but they claim to still support actively the product (which they should, since it was in stores as recently as a year or so ago). Now, I’m no networking genius (quite the opposite), but as far as I can tell, the only available version of the setup utility doesn’t seem to work with the current version of Windows. Does anyone else have this hardware up and running, or have any idea what I can do to get mine running? Or is my not-very-old and somewhat pricey wireless kit basically a doorstop at this point?