Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

For reference Sony’s FY2020 reported ~23 billion in gaming revenue

So still less

Apples to apples are hard given how each corporate entity chooses to divide and report their earnings

No, after the Activision purchase they will be #3.

Tencent #1


Blocking Microsoft for buying up Activision on monopoly grounds but not breaking up Amazon years ago on the same grounds would show US regulators have failed as an institution.

Huh, they’ve been dropping that ball for quite awhile now. Like decades.

I saw 1. Tencent 2. Sony 3. Microsoft after the purchase. (But I didn’t fact-check it.) So that kind of kills the monopoly argument.

As for US regulators, I’m always shocked when they DO block something nowadays, given what they’ve allowed to happen with tv/movie/cable media companies.

Yeah, the idea that the feds should block this acquisition because it lets Microsoft… Narrow the dominance of Sony? Seems kind of weak.

Honestly, having Microsoft reemerge as a strong challenger to Sony is good, because when Sony gets complacent they treat their consumers like trash. They need to be kept honest.

Sony is essentially going to be forced to put together something that competes with Gamepass, which is good.

They aren’t being forced, but it is a competitive advantage for MS.

Sony could, for example, allow Game Pass, EA+, Ubi+, etc, on their platform for a 15% cut. Or they could structure licensing such that they get a cut of every game played on their hardware, whether sold at retail/digitally or in a subscription plan. There are lots of options.

Excited for Blizzard games coming to Steam! Anything else we should expect?

You misspelled “Microsoft Store”

Well, one of those things will happen.

The pop text on that IGN story isn’t technically correct. This is the quote in the article:

“We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform,” said a Sony spokesperson to The Wall Street Journal.

Which, as we’ve discussed, they’ll all be “multiplatform” just like they are now - Xbox and PC!

I had forgotten about overwatch, as I haven’t played it in a while, but overwatch 2 seems like a significant loss to the PlayStation.

Depends on what Overwatch 2 is, because last I heard it was a completely different game. (PvE instead of PvP)

Halo, Age of Empires 4, and the other Microsoft games are all on Steam as well as their own store.

Looks like it has game modes for both cooperative and pvp.

In terms of consoles I only really care about Nintendo.

Sony PlayStation can go kaput tonight and I wouldn’t even bat an eye. (and I worked there for 15 years)

Microsoft has one foot in the console space but also in PC gaming so I guess it is complicated. Less complicated if they lift the right foot.