Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

Even for customers, in the long run, if the law doesn’t get involved and the mergers are allowed to just keep going, eventually we reach the point of “what are the customers gonna do, use some other company”, and then…

Well, let’s say it does happen. What’s to stop Brian Fargo, Tim Schafer, Josh Sawyer and the gang from bailing out and setting up shop in new studios? Not like they haven’t all done it several times in the past.

Nothing at all, but of course that’s starting over from scratch without the IP. They never made Ultima 11 or Wing Commander 6.

Ugh. And that seems naive to me. If MS said such a thing, why in the hell would they believe it? Why would any business buy a company and not take advantage of the hated word “synergies”.

They didn’t believe it! That’s why they were seeking the injunction! They lost.

Stusser isn’t the only one!

Very true.

FCC took note of our last merger and is unlikely we acquire in US for quite some time.

In our case, customer benefits from the “one stop shop” expansion and pricing breaks, but I can see that turning on its head easily.

Ah, so this was just an “I told you so thing”. Is not like they bought into it and felt “betrayed”. I must have read it wrong.

I don’t have a strong founded opinion on whether the acquisition well ultimately benefit Microsoft’s stock. My feeling is no, that it was done in an atmosphere of cheap money and 0% interest and now they regret it like Musk and Twitter, but we’ll see.

I don’t really care about that anyway, I care about gamers, and it will definitely be bad for us long-term. Because it always, always is.

In the long term I agree with this. In the short term though, it’s gamepass party time!

Sure, until the music stops on Game Pass too. That’s why I got three years with the loophole, the golden age of Game Pass won’t last forever, just like Netflix etc.

Exactly! Look at what they are doing to all those supermerged streaming services. Ads and pricing up. Quality down (looking at you Max).

Fortunately cost of entry into the gaming business isn’t too very high. Talent will always have a pathway as long as PCs remain open.

Sure you don’t :p

Lets not post just to baselessly accuse others of lying or bad faith, please.

Oh yes, the :p is definitely baselessy accusing you.

Apologies if I mistook it. I do try to post measured opinions, and I don’t know if the purchase will ultimately benefit their stock or not. I think not, but wouldn’t stake anything on it.

Also I have no direct skin in that game, all my investments are in index funds.

Same, outside of the IBM RSUs from work.

Some of those - like Origin - would have died without getting purchased, so there really isn’t a “what if they don’t sell out and make more great games” scenario.

Maybe, or they could have found investors later on with seemingly worse terms, or gone into bankruptcy and relaunched, etc, we’ll never know.

Origin was just one example that came to mind because I miss adventuring with my buddies Iolo and Shamino to this day.

Same. I stopped after Ultima VII and just learned that EA acquired Origin Systems half a year after it released. Huh, the later Ultimas that I skipped could be bucketed into consequences of the acquisition.

“Avatar, is this just?”

Though, I always felt a little burned by Ultima VII. I played so many hours and eventually got stuck, due to what felt like bugs–missing plot elements, maybe clues or keys, is my vague recollection.