Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard


I desperately want one of these for my series x. I have the 360 hooked up in the basement basically specifically for Rock band.

It is just crazy that there hasn’t been at least some sort of way to jury rig up one of these yourself. If they could open-source the code? But that opens up the series x to hacking etc. Uggh

I want to play rockband again!

Also, you can’t buy the instruments for xbox one, as they are also very expensive (about 350ish)

Apparently madcatz only made 6000 units of that adapter, total. They lost money on every sale.

Slight point of order, that’s the PDP wired legacy controller, which was much more rare, even at launch, since they made so few. The one I was talking about that sold for $20 for years shipped with almost every copy of Rock Band 4 bundle, which seemed to be much more common at launch than just Rock Band 4 by itself. And that one is for connecting your wireless 360 instruments to the Xbox One.

Sorry! we didnt mean to!

From the story:

There’s even speculation that the deal could violate anti-monopoly laws, which would result in the deal being rendered null and void. However, just as many suspect that it will sail through with little issue.

“A lot of people are saying…”

To be clear, unless I’ve missed something, nobody who actually knows anything about antitrust laws has suggested this deal will receive more scrutiny than normal. It’s all just gamers talking.

There’s even speculation I’m dating Ana de Armas…


Sources have told me that @Woolen_Horde is dating Ana de Armas!


Mortismal makes a key point: with Microsoft acquiring Acti Blizzard and hence Sierra’s IPs, the chance of getting a sequel to Arcanum has gone from zero to some tiny, tiny number slightly larger than zero!

Holy crap at that headline.

Investors on Wednesday erased up to 10% of its market value

Breathlessly reporting a stock drop in these terms is one of my least favorite things about business reporting.

You could do the same for literally any movement in any big company’s stock price. Urgh.

Omg i went to some comments section on some vg sites… the salty ocean of playstation fans tears is VERY REAL. its like somebody murderd Sony. lol i love the salt its so delicious! Fyi im just as excited for the next sony hit… well mainly just LoU. I could care less for the other sony exclusives!

Seriously. Of course, it’s not news when in a week or two it’s back up 11%.

two years ago sony did this…

October 23, 2020

Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies Onslaught mode, plus more PlayStation advantages

The clock is ticking. Only one week to go before Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is unleashed upon the world. Following our announce of PlayStation-exclusive Zombies Onslaught mode, we’re back with even more benefits exclusive to PS4 and PS5 players*.

XBOX REMEMBERS ~ Never Forget!

Yeah, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are at Obsidian, though I imagine they’re busy with Outer Worlds 2.

My studio had this game built (different IP) and ready for soft launch when ATVI shut us down.

Exactly. Nobody cares that you can only get CoD on Xbox the same way nobody cares that you can only get Aladdin on Disney+. Does Sony exist? Does Nintendo exist? Are they gigantic profitable companies with huge slices of the pie? We good brah

It’s BreakingViews rather than traditional Reuters. It’s basically opinion columns for financial markets.

Whitta dropped his big news, which was probably not as big as Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard.


IMO, it would have been more offensive as “WERDLE”, a Wordle knock-off where every solution utilizes 90s ebonics. Werd to jo momma, chuch!

I’d also like to see CURDLE, a delightful cheese-based Wordle clone.

And TURTLE. Exclusively turtle facts.

Real talk, though, NERDLE. Battletech, Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, and the BBS ASCII art scene.