Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

Me too.

Me three.

But Microsoft was selling it for $29.99, thus it was released. Once you start charging, it’s out.

With all the action in this thread, I’m surprised no one was talking about the latest MS promise to Sony for CoD on PS:

Just tossing this in for, you know, details of the saga. For the movie.

Yeah, but it is still bad, and can’t go through, because it is Microsoft.

“we meant for as long as there’s this one particular PlayStation I’ve got at my house.”

“Brad Grenz’s Playstation dies, and we are out.”

“our intent” /= a promise

Exactamundo, sir. But of course they could make it a term of the buyout. Microsoft likely realizes at this point they face a steep climb if they want to keep CoD exclusive.

They’ll still publish, but PS gets the basic game. All that exclusive shit that Sony is running nonstop commercials for goes to MS as soon as that contract expires.

Yup. Microsoft’s promise on CoD is worth just as much as Sony’s on Destiny – absolutely nothing. Neither is binding in any meaningful way, and what happens if/when they break the promise? Nada.

Well, if making the promise is what gets the deal through, I am sure they will do it.

That’s not true, there will be posts!

Come on now. If Microsoft breaks their promise on CoD, all those Playstation gamers will never buy an Xbox again!

Modern Warfare II made $1 billion already

Interesting timing:

The CMA has published Microsoft’s and Sony’s responses to the issues statement:

They’ve replaced all the juicy bits with scissors!

Edit: The numbers are hidden, but it’s interesting that Microsoft says PS Plus has many more subscribers than Game Pass, but Sony says Game Pass is much bigger than Sony’s game subscription tiers of PS Plus.

That seems like it might be a wee loophole - one side quoting total subs and the other quoting a partial set? The partial set might be more relevant. Not gonna read to find out :D

The Federal Trade Commission is likely to file an antitrust lawsuit to block Microsoft’s $69 billion takeover of video game giant Activision Blizzard, maker of the hit games Call of Duty and Candy Crush, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

A lawsuit challenging the deal is not guaranteed, and the FTC’s four commissioners have yet to vote out a complaint or meet with lawyers for the companies, two of the people said. However, the FTC staff reviewing the deal are skeptical of the companies’ arguments, those people said.

The investigation remains ongoing, but much of the heavy lifting is completed, including depositions of Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella and Activision head Bobby Kotick, the people with knowledge of the investigation said. If the agency does move ahead with a case, it could come as soon as next month, said the people, all of whom were granted anonymity to discuss a confidential matter.

Very encouraging news!

Hopefully it’s either blocked or they heavily regulate for at least 10 years.