Microsoft buys X-Com

edit: I have no regrets!


You will. Oh, you definitely will.

Count me in for the online multiplayer only X-Com first person shooter.

I hear you can research technologies between rounds.

Dave Long says it’s great!

It’s also letting you play the Xbox 360 against the PC!


As a “Microsoft buys (insert meme)” aficionado, I must applaud.

I take it this is a joke referring to all the recent Xcom threads?

I don’t like the word “meme” and I am tired of its use on message boards. Can we change it to “crunk”?


Y’know, when this pic got it’s own thread, I didn’t find it funny. In this context, I can’t stop laughing at it.

I think that pic needs a submeme, “The Goggles Do Nothing!” caption.

How about grape or church?

For just a brief moment I thought there was going to be an X-Com XBLA game of some kind.

This is the worst parody thread ever…

Here’s the deal. If I can’t tell it’s a parody thread from the title, then it’s not working.

If I can’t tell from your initial post, you owe me money.

Now this might might be appropriate for the scene and the end of Revenge of the Sith where Vader screams nooooooo!

Sure in the heck not during that scene int he movie though!