Microsoft buys Zenimax/Bethesda

I think this is big enough to warrant its own thread.

Reportedly a $7.5 billion deal.

Now there’s no excuse for not having Master Chief skins in DOOM Eternal.

MS have just bought Zenimax I think.


Well, no ES6 on PS5, that will be a humdinger in 2024.

HOLY SHIT. That can’t have been cheap.


Curious about ESO on PS4/PS5 and Stadia too. Will it be pulled? That would piss off a lot of players.

On the bright side, you get F76 for free, Game Pass people! Yay.

Holy Shit indeed!

News just keeps getting better and better for the MS ecosystem.

I imagine they’ll still run, as it was published for the last gen. But say goodbye to ES6.

Not really a matter of running, ESO is a live service and requires maintenance, new updates, etc.

That’s why Gamepass went up to $10…

There’s obviously precedent for MS publishing on other platforms, so I bet they’d be reluctant to pull any existing stuff (see: Minecraft), but gotta assume going forward there won’t be much of that, because why else would they buy them?

Right, I wouldn’t expect any new Xenimax games to be on Playstation ever again. But I do think there’s a good chance ESO will be supported ongoing.

In the past this would have really bummed me out. But these days Microsoft releases day and date on Windows, so I’m all good.

Well I did not expect that.

I know MS was sniffing around WB Interactive, but Warner Bros. figured out that owning a video game studio is a good thing to have. So I wonder if this was MS’ Plan B?

Yep. Future games in these franchises is quite a line up: " The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM, Dishonored, Prey, Quake,* *Starfield"

That’s quite the coup by MS.

I’m sure Sony fans are all “They can have Fallout 76 II”

It’s huge. Elder Scrolls and Fallout are system-sellers, straight-up. If XS has it and PS5 doesn’t, that will sell Xboxen.

Of course they have to come out with the games for that to happen, and god only knows when that will be.

MS still has a hill to climb on exclusives, but these are definitely nice gets. They needed something like this.

It’s also a massive flex. “Hey, here’s $7.5 billion we found in our couch.”

And Satya had to make this call, which shows he’s not messing around, either.