Survey Friendliness Gripe

So I was over on trying to determine if I could get a good price on “just a license key” for Windows 7 Home Premium. Want to upgrade my kids PC. (Short answer, no. Not a good price compared to Amazon.)

Their website is confusing and difficult to use, but thankfully they had prompted me to do a survey once I was done being frustrated.

I filled out a few pages of the survey, then when I hit next, a page came up saying “We’re sorry, we’ve already received the maximum number of responses for this survey.”


So, you ask me to spend my own personal time telling you how you can stop sucking, then halfway through you actually admit to me that you’re going to throw away my response?

Look, if you’re going to throw away my response, fine. I understand how these things work. But seriously, don’t TELL me that my time has gone to waste. Just finish taking the survey and then throw it away without telling me.

I’ll never know the difference and you won’t look like clods.

In high school, I did this once with an old girlfriend who was breaking up with me and I asked her to explain to me her reasoning, but then halfway through the conversation, I could see where it was all heading, so I just decided to cut my losses and told her to fuck off. I may have even called her a rude name. Looking back, I can see this was probably the wisest course of action.

I don’t understand how they can have a maximum number of responses, I mean it’s not a resource/storage issue and the solicitation of customer feedback should be an ongoing process.

Was the survey a how are we doing, what can we do better type of thing?

I may have ended my call with “Have a nice day!”