Microsoft Developer Direct

“Favorite vampire: Nandor the Relentless” ha, me too, dude.

If you like story-heavy RPGs like Skyrim, it’s worth trying out. I don’t find the combat very exciting, but the character building and the (at this point) massive amount of story is pretty awesome for lore nerds.

OK, so there’s stealth. Guess I should expect that from Arkane.

edit: “Like our past games, you can approach a mission in many different ways.” I do like to hear that!

This wasn’t grabbing me, but I do like taking back neighbourhoods from the forces of evil.

Yeah, that angle seems kind of like The Division. Looks good.

OK, Redfall releases May 2. So then Starfield releases …?

  1. Don’t care about the Minecraft thing
  2. Forza looks and sounds amazing, can’t wait to get ahold of that one. I really wish it had a release date.
  3. Hi-Fi whatever looked pretty cool and different. Looking forward to trying that.
  4. ESO, don’t really care as I’m not a big MMO guy
  5. Redfall, I had no interest in this going into this thing, liked what I saw and am a little more interested in it now.

All in all, a good showing of games I thought.

The fact that they don’t have a firm date on Forza tells me it’s probably going to get delayed to the 2nd half of 2023 probably.

  1. I’m not exactly sure what Minecraft Legends is, even after watching that.
  2. Can’t wait for Forza, looks and sounds amazing.
  3. Hi-Fi is new Sunset Overdrive, new JSRF? I hope so!
  4. ESO section, I skipped it.
  5. Redfall looks good. I think combining these abilities for some dynamic attacks looks like a lot of fun, as do the weapons, and exploring these environments looks like fun. Looking forward to this one.

I don’t think the Jet Set games meet any definition of a rhythm game. The music was a huge part of the style and feel of those games, but rhythm never influenced anything in the game. The graffiti tagging was just a series of little quick-time-events and that wasn’t tied to any other music or beat.

Of course my immediate reaction to the Hi-Fi Rush trailer was to think how amazing a modern JSR game would be, the visual aesthetic of a lot of it is incredibly similar and I love that about HFR, but—without having tried HFR yet obviously—I think it would be a mistake to expect much similarity from the gameplay.

I don’t think this is true of JSRF. I know for a fact that in multiplayer, the way to beat the other player in a race was to tap the button to the rhythm of the beat. It’s been too long for me to remember for certain if this was true in single player as well, but I think it was.

I think you’re thinking of the first game. Graffiti tagging was bullshit and they happily got rid of it for JSRF.

I have no memory of this, but I didn’t play the multiplayer for any length of time that I can remember either. I really don’t think there was any synchronization to the music or any other audio of the game, which I consider a necessity to categorize something as a rhythm game. There may have been an element of timing to pushing a boost button or something like that, but I wouldn’t consider that a rhythm game any more than I’d say feeding Epona carrots makes Ocarina of Time a rhythm game, or nailing the counters in Arkham Asylum makes that a rhythm game.

If there really was a multiplayer mode where you were rewarded for matching your inputs to the rhythm of the game audio, I’m sorry for discounting that–I’m trying to research it, but I haven’t found a good review that mentions what you’re talking about, and search results for JSRF Multiplayer are almost entirely polluted with discussion of a PC fan mod made years later.

Yeah, in the first game tagging involved little QTE inputs, in the second game it was simplified to a single button press, I’m just saying that at its most involved, I still wouldn’t say QTE mini-games for tagging qualified it as a rhythm game. Which I don’t think you’re saying now either, just clarifying why I mentioned it in the first response before you explained what you were remembering.

I had finished the game and didn’t even know it HAD multiplayer. But then my brother started it or something, and handed me the controller, and suddenly we were racing against one another. And initially we had no idea why one person was going faster than the other person sometimes. Then we figured out that when you were on a railing, and you were doing tricks, pressing the button to the rhythm made you go faster.

We had a blast with it. It was long after I had finished the single player game, which is why it’s more fresh in my mind than the single player.

And yeah, it’s surprisingly hard to find articles about JSRF.

Fair enough, I stand potentially corrected-ish, and wasn’t trying to be a jerk about it.

I remain doubtful that Hi-Fi Rush is going to play like JSR/F, but it’s installed, so I’ll find out soon enough!

Surprise releases are awesome.

Kicked off a dedicated thread for the game:

I thought the premise of Redfall was interesting, but good gods, am I sick of games where the user interface is a damn gun sticking out of the middle of the screen. Oh, goody, another game where I run around and shoot shit. Woohoo. We need more of those!

I want to wake up in an alternate universe where Wolf 3D and DOOM never happened and we’re all arguing about whether Sid Meier, Paul Grace, or Larry Holland makes the best games in 2023.

(Old man grumbles off into the distance…)

I’m not big into rhythm games because I don’t have much rhythm, but given the above whining I’m going to download Hi-fi Rush now and give it some Game Pass playtime because it’s not a dang gun game. :)

Erm, out of the five games shown, only Redfall has the gun touting protagonists.

A game without guns? But … how would you shoot people?

Yeah, that’s the one I’m bitching about. :) Cool vampire premise and you’re still playing DOOM for the 3085th time.

To be fair, there seem to be a lot fewer FPS games nowadays than a decade ago. It is a genre that has pretty much stagnated with a few notable exceptions.