Microsoft E3 rumors - could be cool if even half of those are true.

“Microsoft to fund a new game based on Jason Bourne. It’ll be based on the books and not the film with Matt Damon.”

Oh my…

Vivendi picked up the Bourne book licence a while back.

A little too good to be true. Dead Rising 2, me want.

Would be nice if all true, but here’s my guess:

Yup. I can see that. Now I need to finish the first.

Don’t see why Bungie/MS would want this. There’s so much buzz around Halo 3 and Halo Wars, there’s little need to stir the “bungie makes great games for the 360” pot.

Doubt it. But if MS is worried about KillZone stealing the show, I suppose it’s possible.



That don’t suck? That would be news…

See above.

Believe it. Looking forward to it.


Don’t see it happening.


I would go nuts. As would RepoMan. Or was he all about Crackdown and Whitta was all about the Zombie love?

Right, I was Crackdown and Whitta was zombies.

And speaking of that, where the fuck are the Crackdown 2 rumors? FEH.

  • Bungie working on new title/series not related to anything in the Halo/Marathon Universe.

More Myth please?

  • Bungie working on new title/series not related to anything in the Halo/Marathon Universe.

But all of the Bungie games take place in the same universe.

How the fuck are you going to convince me that Myth and Halo take place in the same universe?

I don’t care how hot your citrus is, that’s freaking absurd.

Not gonna happen, the team that did it is no longer around and based on what happend back at MS a few years ago I would bet my life savings they aren’t making a second one.

Deosn’t have to be the same team.

Rumors have been floating around about Metal Gear Something coming to the 360 for awhile now. I’d be surprised if it was all wrong.

Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon, and Halo take place in the same universe; I’m not sure if Oni was confirmed to be part of the same universe but it had references to it (specifically regarding A.I.s I believe); I imagine it’s possible they could tie Myth into things but pointless. In the same way you could tie Lord of the Rings and Star Wars together, for example, by just explaining they were set a billion years apart.

But I have no idea where Weekend Warrior fits into the equation.

[There be Spoilers to ten year old games!]

all of the following is lifted from specifically this page and this page

Bungie had a habit of tying their games together with clues and suggestions. Halo is the direct continuation of the Marathon story. The master chief is just the next revision of the Cyborgs of M. Pathways Into Darkness fits in as a modern vignette in the story as it shares some characters namely the ancient evil from Marathon the W’rkncacnter. Myth is a bit of unknown… it’s connected but how exactly is unclear. Perhaps the most plausible option is that it is the continuation of Marathon and that the denizens are survivors of the battle over Lh’owon. The great devoid?

Quoting Marathon 2

Tycho’s ship has been destroyed. The crater where it annihilated itself on Lh’owon’s inner moon is still glowing. There were no survivors. With a focused message laser I burned his epitaph into the surface near the crash site, in letters three hundred meters high: “Fatum Iustum Stultorum”.

The cloudspine mountains could be Durandals work but that seems a stretch. Are the monsters in Pathways the same as the ones in Myth and are they a spawn of the W’rkncacnter? Is the temple the other face of the great devoid? Why do the Journeymen in Myth use a Mayan naming system?

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MGS Kart Racer?


Can love bloom on the racetrack?

The Myth IP was purchased by Take Two as part of the Microsoft purchase of Bungie - it was a fairly complicated deal with Take Two getting rights to myth & to use the Halo engine.