Microsoft encourages potato aim on Xbox

Title Microsoft encourages potato aim on Xbox
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When May 3, 2019

Microsoft has updated their service agreement and Code of Conduct with a new Community Standards for Xbox site.The page breaks down the normal legal jargon into easy-to-parse text for gamers..

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This is usually something that I say, about myself, when I repeatedly miss shots (usually with something like a shotgun) in a game like Apex.

Usually something like “oh no! Potato! No! Potato! No!!!”

I don’t know why, but somehow the description fits when you just keep whiffing.

That was a serious potato post because I had to go look up all the quotes myself. Also, “Get wrecked” is okay, but “get wrecked, trash” isn’t?

I’m a bad person, but I gotta admit I laughed at some of those.

I played on XBL back before they had a real solid party system, and played games like COD MW when everyone was always in game chat… and I gotta admit, I kind of miss those halcyon days of absurd trash talk between every match.

Trash talk is best when it’s totally over the top and insane… That one about letting you back in the country when you K/D is over 1 is pretty good.

I recall being at work, and some other guy there talking about whether he should let his kid (who was like 10) play on XBL. I was like. “Oh no. God no. Don’t do that.”

Having little kids shriek in high pitched voices, and then saying, “Whoa there, settle down little girl, it’s just a game.” and having them freak out even more about how they weren’t a girl. Or telling them that their parents must not love them if they let them scream curse words on XBL.

Those kids had the benefit of youth, and reflexes that hadn’t been dulled by years of hard drinking and drugs. The only way I could win was to break them psychologically.

Interesting. So direct sexism, strong profanity, racism, etc. is a no-no.
But you can still do some more elaborate jabs, as long as it doesn’t include those “direct” insults?

At least that’s something, I guess.
I never had a problem being called all kinds of things in online games, so for me those restrictions wouldn’t even have to be there at all. Come to think of it, I rarely went out of my way to communicate with people in online games (from Jedi Academy to Counter-Strike) at all. Only if I really thought they were doing some super cheap tactics or stuff like that.

Anyway, I realize the necessity to blow off some steam and get things off your chest, so good thing MS allows that - as long as it is not racist/sexist/profane. There are certainly enough places online with a strict “nothing allowed” policy. Sad places.

Haha! At least you were able to have some fun in a situation with kiddies screaming at you.

Ah, so MS has decided to come down in support of the anti-potato haters, very disappointing. I thought they were a much more diverse, accepting group than that.