Microsoft expands network of TV-like ads on Xbox Live

And yesterday I was stunned to find ads on the youtube app (especially since it’s behind a paywall).

edit forgot to include link to story

I can ignore static ads, but the second I’m forced to watch a commercial in the Netflix app, my Live account is getting cancelled. I’m already paying Microsoft just to be able to use Netflix, who I’m also paying. The Netflix UI on my Bluray player is garbage, but I’ll deal with it if I have to.

Yeah, no more for me likely. They currently have brief interludes, but they are infrequent and mainly innocuous.

Too bad Microsoft hasn’t bothered to create any content for all these TV-like advertising. It was a mistake to cancel 1 vs. 100, at least without supplanting it with similar programming. Our Live subscriptions and this ad revenue should go into making XBL more than just a requirement for on-line multi-player and messaging. XBL could really become something great beyond being simply the best of the current console services.

1 vs. 100 was pretty awesome though being the 1 was the most nerve-wracking experience I’ve had on Live! I wish they’d bring something like that back…