Microsoft Extended Xbox Warranty... think again, Batman!

When I purchased my Xbox back in September 2006, the standard warranty was only 90 days. So, I purchased the Microsoft Extended 2-year Warranty, knowing the console was certain to fail within the 2-year period.

When Microsoft extended their RROD coverage to 3 years, I expected that my Extended Warranty would put me to a 5-year coverage period, taking me to September 2011.

After spending some time on the phone with India today (2nd unit RRODed last night), I have discovered that in actual fact, that’s not the case.

Microsoft’s policy: the claim is now that the Standard Warranty on the Xbox is 1 year. The 3-year warranty is only on RROD. Therefore, the Extended Warranty I purchased is only extending the Standard Warranty to 3 years. So, my “Extended Warranty” is, in reality, useless. In my eyes, I paid for something they are now covering for everyone for free. Really, what else is going to go wrong other then the RROD?

This seems to me to be patently unfair. My coffin is on the way, and I’ve scheduled a call back for 11 am tomorrow morning to speak with someone else who I hope can give me some satisfaction. I just want what I paid for: a warranty that is extended beyond the standard, which is now 3 years for RROD.

Anyone else in the same boat?

The DVD drive going bad isn’t completely uncommon and would be covered. Also you’d be covered for any of the single light failures.

You already said the reason: it covers move than just RRoD. I’m not sure how this is “patently unfair”. You’re still getting the amount of coverage that you would’ve otherwise gotten. MS just chose to help everyone out by covering repairs on an extremely common failure.

I’m not seeing anything at all unfair here.

MS extended the warranty on a single common issue (RROD) to three years. All other problems are covered by the standard or extended warranty.

The standard warranty is 1 year.
The extended warranty increases it to 3 years.
The RROD warranty is good for 3 years.

So your unit is covered for all issues for 3 years. What exactly is your problem here?

It’s unfair because you paid for a much lesser bump than you are now getting for the money.

I had the infamous “dirty disc error” last night in Assassin’s Creed. Since I’d touched the disk just once (to put it in), I figured that wasn’t it and just restarted. That worked, but now I figure I’m on borrowed time.

all kinds of shit can go wrong, of all my 360s, only one died of rrod. Other issues include: audio with no video, video corruption, severe disc scratching.

Another nice issue is the deletion of your extended warranty, so keep an eye on it, MS likes to make them go ‘poof!’ for no reason. They cna see that you bought it, but after a zillion repairs they start to forget to add it to the new serial.

You should probably post an angry screed to the internet.

if you’re really upset by this, I’m 99.9% sure you can cancel the warranty and get a pro rated refund of your money

Wow… didn’t expect this kind of “wah wah… go cry somewhere else” response. I didn’t think I was being that unreasonable. My thinking was exactly what Qenan said… I paid for “a much lesser bump.”

I’m curious what the current cost is of the “Extended Warranty.” I guess I’ll find that out tomorrow when I speak with the supervisor to find out what my options are.

the basis for your apparent anger “what else can go wrong other than RROD” is incorrect, so its no surprise most people don’t agree with you.

Hope it works out for you.

Qt3 is officially the land of 360 apologists. Welcome to the new world order!

I’ve had a friend go through two 360’s in three months, neither of them were RROD. They do fail in other ways. FWIW I wish I had bought a service plan, now that I’m nearing one year of life on my 360.

To be fair, so long as you can turn on your 360 any problem can be covered by the RROD warranty simply by inducing an RROD.

This is true. If my 360 fails in the next year in some way not the RROD, I’ll be sure to find a way to get one.

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