Microsoft extends life of Windows XP for some low-cost PCs (2010!)

Microsoft said Thursday that it will keep selling a version of Windows XP for use on a new breed of low-cost computers for at least two years longer than the system will be available for mainstream PCs. The software maker said Windows XP Home will be available at least through June 2010 for computers like Intel’s Classmate PC and ASUSTek Computer’s Eee PC. But Microsoft also vowed to keep XP on the market for those machines for a year after the next version of Windows is released, which could mean 2011 or later. The low-cost machines have smaller hard drives, less memory and slower processors than most Windows computers sold today, and most would have a hard time running the bulkier Windows Vista.
Plus: We admit Windows ME 2.0 isn’t doing as well as we’d like.

Actually more like, “We admit that the Vista Ready logo with craptastic Intel video chips isn’t really Vista Ready.”

“And people don’t seem to blindly believe whatever bullshit we tell them anymore.”

Don’t they now?