Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

I would think it would be discourse sucking more in this case, since it’s the thing choosing to auto-embed the video, no? Regardless, thank you, even though that Bing video won’t load for me right now for some reason (endless wheel turning…).

EDIT: Nevermind, clicking the “visit page” button there took me to the Facebook page. Damn, I am so in for this…maybe it’ll get me to finally upgrade my PC after like 8 years.

It seems more clear with this video. Stopping and looking at some of the frames as they are approaching the airport at the beginning, the trees definitely look like they are the game. Even earlier over the town if you freeze it the buildings look kind of like google earth in vr can look at times.

See the houses along the road at the bottom right (click for better view)?

The white truck in the bottom right clips through a tree. Other than that it could easily pass as go-pro footage…

It is amazing work. I wonder how much more they can improve before release. It could also be carefully selected areas that have been given extra love, or look better. :) I don’t care though it will still be better than X.

EDIT: To clarify the above, this

[a link](

creates a link text without the automatic embed

Various ways to force a non-embed

I fear what this will do to those of us with data caps.

Ok, yeah, when I watch it in fullscreen, it’s really easy to see that it’s just a game, not real life. When it’s displayed in a smaller window, it was hard to spot those imperfections. They were pretty glaring imperfections too, now that I’ve seen it fullscreen.

Well, looks like seasons in the game are confirmed:

Holy shit.

Oh my!

Seasons were a feature they said “would come later”. Guess VR is closer than we think too?

More pretties…

Watching some previews… it seems wrong to waste a world like this on a flight sim :)

That old color film makes everyone look sunburned or diabetic.

Please add VR soon… please oh please…

Holy stink. That’s cooler than my grandma.

It looks like another round of invites was sent for this!

New round of invites is believed to include machines with 16 gigs of RAM. Previously, all invites went to machines with 32.

Crossing my fingers!

I have 32 and got mine today, so not sure if that helps though.

I got one too! Yay! :airshow: