Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

That old color film makes everyone look sunburned or diabetic.

Please add VR soon… please oh please…

Holy stink. That’s cooler than my grandma.

It looks like another round of invites was sent for this!

New round of invites is believed to include machines with 16 gigs of RAM. Previously, all invites went to machines with 32.

Crossing my fingers!

I have 32 and got mine today, so not sure if that helps though.

I got one too! Yay! :airshow:

With this release forthcoming, I am thinking of getting a yoke for civilian flight. I have a couple sticks that I am happy with for military, and a set of Saitek Pedals, but now wondering what yoke. The new Honeycomb seems to be getting good reviews, wondering what others might have experience with?

Apologies for the ignorance, but I had to look up what a yoke was.

Oh I see. That’s called a Yoke? I always imagined the steering wheel on a plane was called a steering wheel!

Sorry for the confusion, and here is the page for the yoke I am looking at as well:

Nope, I will be driving my Cessna like it’s a motherfucking A-10 warthog.

Is the recommended RAM total 32 Gig for this game?

No, I believe the recommended amount is 12GB of RAM. For the alpha though, I think they have been selecting larger RAM hardware and expanding it to lower levels as they do things like remove debug layers and such.

I was driving my car this morning and I was calling my steering wheel a yoke. It was funny to no one but me.

I will giggle with you as I find it funny too.

Where you pulling on it as you accelerated to get the front wheels to unstick?

System requirements published.

That’s some top end :) Could be worse. Will be interesting to see what difference it makes. 50 Mb/s though. Hmm not in my house.

Intel’s 9800x is a top end CPU right, while the 2700 is more middling?

Am I sure glad I bought 32GB of DDR4 last year when building my Ryzen 3700X beast. I totally meet Ideal Spec.

It does make me wonder how the Xbox One version is going to run.