Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Zendesk should be your #1 stop for bug reporting. Posting is a good backup if you’re hoping it will be common enough to get upvoted, but be sure to file a Zendesk bug as your #1 priority.

Denny, not having filed one directly, do they work them like tickets with response queues for Zendesk?

Ummm what?!

I don’t know if it’s the same issue everyone else is getting, but if I set the simulation speed to anything greater than 4x, it flops up and down (porpoising?). At higher simulation speeds, it’s dangerously uncontrollable.

Also, I tried using OnAir, and couldn’t figure it out at all. It would assign me a tutorial flight, but I’d be unable to fly it. Then if I tried to restart the company, it would tell me that I couldn’t start a new company because I had a plane in the air. Very frustrating. After an hour I gave up. I’m currently flying 3 passengers from Flagstaff to Phoenix in my sweet DA62. But only at 4x sim speed.

100% a known issue. They haven’t really addressed it via patches either. Knowing that, you should also know that it is better/worse in some aircraft over others. I can’t go above 4x in the King Air. But I can hit 8x or 16x in others. The issue has changed patch to patch for some aircraft over others.

This makes me change behavior in the sim. Instead of throttling back when running longer hauls, I will disable engine damage and fly at max speed. 4x at max speed is still better than 4x with fuel saving cruise speed set.

Nearly home now

The appropriately named Green Ridge

Pittsburgh by night

Anyone? Anyone?

Wrigley Field

The Loop

Soldier Field

Yup, this is Illinois alright

My grandparents’ old house is somewhere down there

On to Kansas

High above Denver

Crossing the Rockies

Coming into Salt Lake City

Ha! I rolled a 2 first time!


Mt. Jefferson

Um, where’s the ground?

Nailed it.

OMG those are so stunning!

Left on a cliffhanger!

Very nice; the stadiums in Chicago are well realised compared to the likes of Wembley - photogrammetry I assume.

@jpinard Lol; mine defaulted to Medium on a 2080 Super. I just whacked it up to Ultra and haven’t looked back since.

Re: time compression - I seem to be getting different results. I can only go to X2 for the Bonanza, DA62 and King Air, and X3 for the TBM. The next one up starts the porpoising within seconds. I’m thinkin maybe it’s because I fly relatively close to the ground.

Final leg, Portland to Seattle, but no direct jobs, so took a bit of a trip north

The San Juan Islands

Seattle at last!

Space Needle


The little turboprop that could

36,792 nautical miles. 165 hours, 26 minutes. Though you’d have to add another 1,257 miles and maybe seven hours to get to Anchorage, which is where I took over.

Edit: I was wondering why SeaTac looked so spartan. Turns out the game hadn’t installed most of the “optional” elements on my new machine, including most of the planes and the handcrafted airports. Sorry about that. Luckily I didn’t take too many airport shots.

Fantastic ride, Sir “Round The World” Yellow. Great screenshots of the last legs too, I’m kind of amazed at the detail on some of them, you flew over Heinz Field, Wrigley and Soldier Field and all looked fairly good from that height. Someone on reddit made a flight to all the NFL stadiums in America, that was a cool ride as well.

Sounds like the TBM did well. The only maintenance appeared to be that 100hour check along the way.

Who’s doing the round-the-world Cessna 172, @Pedro ?


Good grief :D

That would be slooooww.

It seems HP sent Pilot Emilie a headset, so we may be getting some VR impressions soon, at least if MS play nice.

I tried Neofly yesterday and it was a lot of fun. FSEeconomy had started to get to be work - ferrying passengers in my DA62, setting autopilot, accelerating time, etc. It was definitely a breath of fresh air flying short missions in a steam gauge 152, navigating by real world landmarks, real time, etc. It’s free and although not well documented, easy enough to figure out.

It also pairs nicely with the mobile companion app, which is excellent, and allows you to compare what’s out your window with what’s on the map.

I’ve gotten really used to using two screens. One of the things MSFS gets very right is the excellent multi screen support. I’m a little worried that I’ll have trouble making the jump to VR when my G2 arrives (I guess it’s a mixed blessing that it won’t be any time soon).

Onair claims to have fixed the bug with its tutorial, so I may give that a shot again later. It’d have been nice if there was a little more game built in, but the online community has stepped up admirably.

I’m still on a single monitor as I game from a laptop. But I’m also nervous about VR based on the way I fly. It may take some getting used to being in a virtual cockpit.

I feel the same way. Something more than just landing challenges and the bush trips. Sims have always been kind of, “find your own fun,” but without more tutorials or a career option in some way, the meta games will have to take the place of it instead.

Man, MS needs to update their Seattle photogrammetry. There’s been a lot of change in the past 5 years.

I’m slowly paying back the loan amount I have on the King Air, though to be fair, it’s coming in very quickly. A few runs with a full load of passengers adds up real quick.

But while flying out of Alabama I few over this at fairly low altitude:

The photogrammetry wasn’t there but still, you could tell that entire yard was full of cars. A trucking company in the front and loading them up on rail lines on the side. Tons and tons and tons of cars. It’s a Hyundai plant in Montgomery. And now I kind of what to fly over some other car plants just to see the scale. This thing was massive!

Map point for those interested:
32.286291, -86.320658

Oh wow; that car park is like one of those Guess the no. of Jellybeans competitions. Incredible.

I’ve been taking a few long, time compressed trips in South America to pay off the Caribbean DA62. The Caribbean is pretty boring from the air, tbh. Lots of, basically, sandbars with mangrove swamps on them, very nondescript. And you’re over the sea the rest of the time. I might move that plane to Venezuela/Colombia eventually.

Took some time off from it at the weekend and fired it up today with some reluctance, but it turns out I still love it.

EDIT: Oh, and I started back into the Patagonian Bush Trip. Some of the landing strips are a nightmare. Grrrr.

Patch and USA world update is live. 9.5 gigs.

The Grand Canyon in the update is streets ahead of the 1.0 version.

Ah, seems the patch is 9.5 gigs, the world update is a further 4.2.