Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

So that means Concorde is out as well? Meh.

One reason to drive a fighter jet in MSFS is the great view and speed.

Same developer is actually working on a Concorde (already released for P3D), but it’s on hold until Asobo supports >Mach 1 flight.

Concorde would need a study level simulation of fuel systems or not worth a penny.

Proving once again that there are very different ideas of fun in this world. :)

Give me the left seat and let me tell the guy in back to keep the fuel balanced. That’s what flight engineers are for!

I’ll give you your flight engineer if I get to see the nose cone turning bright red from excess speed :)

Valve released a beta version of Steam VR today which includes per-application frame rate locking. Based on my quick test flight, this appears to be a game-changer for MSFS in VR (and for complex sims generally).

I set a target frame rate of 40, and after some initial hitches, things were incredibly smooth in flight. Before I’d get bunches of stutters as the game constantly struggled to hit the headset hz. Now, just a smooth, consistent frame rate. 40 in VR is obviously not fantastic, but seems perfectly acceptable for civi aviation, and it now feels much more like what I am used to in something like Elite Dangerous or IL2.

Motion smoothing is still pretty wonky and a no-go for me, but this is a great starting place. The frame rate was so smooth and stable I can now look at upping the settings and improving the visuals.

Whoa nice! So if you set that stuff in steamVR what do you set in openXR?

Sorry! Not sure. Can’t speak to that since I am on an index.

That per-application frame rate stuff only works on Steam headsets (Vive, Index)

Neofly adds fuel management:

For a free add-on game, the dev is doing a fantastic job and continuing to add more features.

Yeah. It’s annoying that it still doesn’t auto-manage fuel/cargo payloads in-sim, but hopefully that will come eventually.

I may be wrong about this, but I believe that for a good while either payload or fuel (or both?) couldn’t be managed via simconnect, thus none of these addons could do it. I just checked the latest SDK docs and they both show as being settable now, so hopefully it’ll come at some point.

FSE definitely does it.

Can MSFS ever be supported by DLSS?

I have been using steam vr rather than openxr . Is the frame rate locking a maximum or a minimum? In other words, if I’m using a G2, do I set it to 90fps, which is the native frame rate of the G2, or should I set it to 45 (or 30) to make sure I get a smooth frame rate?

Also I just checked and I cannot find this new setting.

I hope that’s not for Index only. Are you running the beta for SteamVR?

It’s a max frame rate.

It’s under the per application settings, but upthread @Profanicus noted that:

Yes, I am opted into the beta. And as noted I think it might be only Index/Vive. I can’t speak to other headsets.

Yeah it was mentioned in the patch notes that it only applies to headsets that use the SteamVR compositor, i.e. Vive and Index. The settings shouldn’t show up on Oculus or WMR.

Yup just noticed that. Oh well. Soon.