Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

That looks fun. If you (or anyone else) wants to tackle that for some navigation progress and wants some advice, just shout. I’m sure folks here can help. :D

I’m actually playing it now, it’s pretty great. Just the right amount of beautiful landscape, fun airstrips, and mildly technical stuff.

I learned how to do the VOR thing earlier, and while that combined with the glass cockpit was a bit too tricky, I changed the plane to the C152 and am having a blast. I’m missing the DME stuff but you can fudge it with the leg timings given.

Lots of fun, would recommend.

Ike if you still owe on it I can assist pedro as well. @pedro, we can also grab any/all as needed from the QT3 bank.

Then you can transfer fully to whomever.

For any of you that own aircraft but no longer use FSE, you can do the same with an additional option:

  1. Sell your aircraft or mark it for sale and put any and all cash in your player bank if you think you may return one day.
  2. Transfer the aircraft ownership to the Quarter To Three group and let me know if you want payment sent back to your account and how much. It may take a bit but I’ll slowly get cash to your player account and it will remain there until you return to FSE.

Or the Shit Boners option: Transfer your owned aircraft to Quarter To Three, transfer your cash if you want and never look back.

I have a feeling some may want to quit FSE altogether, that’s cool, we’re willing to take the handouts if so.

Remember the only money drain over time is the monthly fee for all aircraft. That amount is taken from your cash on hand.

Decided to try the MSFS Legacy Converter with the last P3D plane I’d purchased, the Flight Replicas Bf-109Z Zwillig. It’s underpowered, but otherwise feels pretty good, and the sound, visuals, and instruments all came through well.

That is surprisingly good for a converted plane, Denny. I’m actually impressed.

Yeah, apparently the Flight Replicas planes convert pretty well. The FR owner posted some shots of his B-24 run through the converter.

I am happy to just transfer it over, but as it is not paid off (and therefore leased) I don’t know how to do that. Can I transfer the lease? Am I missing the option?

I think you’d need to FSE or website mail the leasing company and ask them to transfer it to our group to pay or to me if they need an individual account.

Quarter To Three

Otherwise can you find out the payoff?

Nice, Denny!

Various activities:

Moody Mooney

Tuned to the VOR at the end of the runway at O’Hare got me there perfectly. Still a bit high, as usual.

Back in the saddle with FSE

The Piaggio is delightful. I just noticed that the air blowers are directional and can be moved around. Great for desert flying

How ya liking the Mooney? I’ve not even seen the Piaggio before, what a cool looking dashboard. I also love the detail of the worn floorboard below the pedals.

God this game is gorgeous.

I love that last shot so much. The stark dry plains and the hills on the horizon and the bright red plane. And for the first time I noticed how realistic the sky looks in this game. You’ve got that gradient of light blue shifting to darker blue as you get away from the horizon line.

You see it even more flying through sunrise/sunset. It’s worth lining up a flight during either. Especially over some nice scenery.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with either, tbh. The Mooney was good but had some annoying quirks; there was an exterior noise that was getting on my nerves, and whether the gear went down when you pulled the lever seemed random. I’m sure the latter was my own fault, possibly I need to do something else first (like some planes require flaps down first) and I wasn’t doing it consistently.

The Piaggio is great for me in that it’s a steam gauge plane that goes really fast. 160-180 kt cruise speed is common (it’s incorrectly listed as 115 in the game). There’s a nice crunch when you touch down and great visibility. There’s a bunch of stuff in the cockpit - Cowlflap which I was reading as Cow Flap for a while) that I don’t know the use of and there are some idiosyncracies that will annoy more simmy people - I think you can open the canopy mid-flight and not crash, for example). But it’s great. I was flying through the desert blowing air on my face last night so maybe I’m easily pleased though.

It’s so good. Lord knows there are plenty of graphics issues also but when it comes together it is great. I was flying Skipper’s King Air earlier today and the sun hit the glass and showed up a bunch of fingerprints on the window, fantastic stuff.

Edit: @Skipper there’s a thread about the Piaggio over here, if you want to listen to the professionals instead ;)

A reddit user’s montage of favorite places to fly, in gameplay video format:

Seems to be modded,. It has the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for instance.

Yep, mentioned in the comments, several of these areas have a few scenery mods.

Bit of a weird day in FSE. I noticed there was a Bonanza for sale in France so I had to take the opportunity.

Funnily enough it was at the same airfield in the Rhone valley that I had my first Bonanza flight and the same route was available.

When I landed I noticed there was a Piaggio available to rent so I did the return leg in that. The first colour I chose didn’t work, but the default skin did. But it didn’t take the FSE registration number, weirdly

And wait, what’s this? Passengers! I guess the Piaggio model must have them included? Really nice surprise.

I wonder which is the ‘Gamer’ and which is the ‘UNICEF employee’.

Delivered safely and the leg registered in FSE. And there are three Piaggios for sale for between 100 and 200K. I’ll have to hammer FSE tomorrow to finance one :P

Sent you some cash in FSE. DO IT, get a Piaggio!!! Also @IkeVandergraaf any more word on how to get the aircraft transferred to one of us or the group?

Thanks so much! But I already went ahead and bought one last night. There was one available for 114K so I couldn’t resist :)

The downside? It has no AP (VFR only, though there are versions available with AP, dunno how that works), it can only carry 3 passengers so it’s a luxury plane really, in the context of FSE, and finally…it’s in…Ecuador.

I might see about flying it home to Europe, VFR only :O

But it’s so nice to have.

Per ObsidianAnt, the new world update is going to add 5 3D cities, one of which is London (not clear if the others are all UK, but he seemed to infer that). Given that I wasn’t sure there would be any in this update, that’s great news. Also it seems they’ve got a new arrangement for adding them, which may mean they have a better long term pipeline for adding new ones.

From the official post: