Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Flaps T/O Flaps UP
Min. control speed (VMCA) 70 76
Rotation speed 76 80
Best angle of climb (VX) 83 –
Best rate of climb (VY) and V50 83 87

There’s a button at the bottom of the PFD labelled something like TMR/REF. If you click that, then click it off again it will add some standard reference speeds to the airspeed tape, one of which is Vr.

(You can use the same function to set your barometric minimum altitude for landing too)

Note: I use the Working Title Garmin 1000 so it’s possible the stock aircraft doesn’t have this function.

@Ginger_Yellow has it, that’s VFe. Also of note are the landing gear extension (205) and retraction (162) speeds.

You can find the “manual” for most of the planes fairly readily by googling the plane name and ‘POH’ (Pilot’s Operating Handbook) or ‘AFM’ (Airplane Flight Manual). Here are the remaining normal speeds for this plane:

The DA62 is fully FADEC-controlled, so you can pretty much keep the throttle firewalled all day if you don’t care about gas use. That said, the checklists call for 100% power for takeoff with an initial climb speed of 83-86 knots, and a cruise-climb at up to 95% power 93-96 knots. Recommended throttle at cruise is 75%, but the checklists allow up to 95%.

These are also important speeds to know in a twin-engine plane, but not so much in the sim unless you use an addon to trigger failures or you want to simulate emergencies.

Oh of course! I’ve seen this on other planes, I just got wrapped up in why I wasn’t getting any lift. Thanks!

Ok, will take all this on board; if I’m going to fly this plane I’d better find out how to operate it properly. Thanks folks.

Note that the stock plane, by my understanding, differs a bit from those speeds. If you don’t have it, the DA62 mod on takes it a bit closer to stock numbers and makes the FADEC act a bit more like it should.

Something weird must be going on. I’ve just tried it again and no issues climbing at around 1,000 ft/s. Have you checked everything obvious like flaps/gear/fuel selector/de-ice? Is it possible you’re flying single engine or something?

Yeah, I’ll figure it out now that I know it’s unusual behaviour, thanks.

Now I’ve gone from buying ‘bargain’ planes on FSEconomy, to buying bargain FBOs. Saw one last night near Lyon, decided to fire up the PC again to check it out, thinking, if it’s picturesque, I’ll buy it.

Man, beautiful grass airstrip, river flowing past, some kind of chateau right beside it, and a small race track (Circuit d’Issoire) at the end of the runway.

Only three passengers capacity so no pressure to actually fly any routes. Perfect.

I experienced the downside of this game being on the cloud yesterday. I must have been having some kind of connection issues, because the bottom right corner in the main menu wasn’t talking about the World Update, instead it was just a plain panel that said game news, or something like that. And when I played the next leg of the Breckenridge trip, there were all these “squares” of land that were really really low detail and low resolution textures with no trees or other objects populating them. It looked terrible!!!

Come on cloud! I need you!

I’m going to try to get refuelled by the tower in my current Breckenridge pitstop. I think the airport and the solid runway is big enough that they probably have actual refueling facilities. I hope.

The tower icon was not in the in-game menu bar, at least at this airport. I guess I never paid attention to it, it must be airport specific on what shows up in the menu bar maybe.

I know I said I flew near Mono Lake in the early part of the Breckenridge trip, but this time I’m back! And this time I flew over it.

Nice! Nearly there now :)

The Yosemite leg of the Breckenridge Bush Trip is tough! Last night was the second night in a row where I failed it late in the leg because of over-stressing the aircraft. I just have to remember to do all my climbing and descending very slowly and carefully.

It depends on the aircraft of course, but you should generally pull the throttle all the way back to idle, or close to idle, to descend. You shouldn’t overstress the aircraft in that case unless you were also allowing your nose to drop quite a bit.

As for climbing, either don’t use full throttle (I find 90% is fine on anything I fly) or pull the nose up more to keep your speed under control.

Oh, wow, they’ve actually changed the FSE UI. Only one page, and just an HTML rewrite, no actual change in functionality, but still!

One thing they haven’t changed (do pay attention if you’re using our FBO):

We are in network,baby!

I need to remember to do that even for gentle descents now. I thought I was flying pretty smoothly tonight when I overstressed the aircraft again.

Meanwhile, back in Russia, miles and miles of forests have finally given way to miles and miles of farmland.

Woo! Komatipoort is nice; I tried to do a maiden flight from there over to the Indian Ocean the other day but it didn’t register with the extended server outage.

In Russia, the moment I’ve been waiting for. Finally, some little hills! Elevation! It’s not completely flat anymore!

I flew a couple of routes this morning as part of my Sunday Fly-day. I’m surprised how high the geography is there though being fairly flat (mountains on the northern spoke airport but not much on the other leg I flew. I think ground level was 5200? I don’t know the geography of the area but … high plains? Seems like it.

I also flew a few legs out of the opposite of South Africa, in Montgomery, Alabama, of course. That’s one of many, many Sovereign owned FBOs. Their network has to be massive, I can’t even imagine. I’ve run into their FBOs across the globe. How do they even keep them stocked? At any rate, it’s well set up as the hub airport for that small region. I like how they did that, mostly limiting spokes to single passenger or dual, and everything is within 120nm, with a good percentage in the sweet spot of less than 80nm.

Of course, mimicking that elsewhere would be hard, you’d need a 3lot as a start and the right mix of nearby destinations for spokes. :(

I keep putting money in the group, we should keep looking for more FBOs.