Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Well, it’s not good :)

I must do that trip of yours when I get time, it looks great. Especially now you’re out of the woods and seeing some features ;)

It’s not the ‘seams’ between terrain tiles that appear on some runways, especially in the north of Italy for some reason?

They flicker on approach. Instant CTD but no doubt you’re already aware of these.

Thanks for this, though that app is a bit above my pay grade at the moment. Good to know, though!

I think it’s part of, but not the whole, problem. There’s a taxiway at CDG that routes above a road, and one time the road was elevated such that it occupied the taxiway. I just waited a moment and it disappeared, but next time I crashed anyway even though the glitch wasn’t there.

But separately I have been taxiing down an otherwise plain taxiway and just crashed for no apparent reason, with the message that I struck an object (which I 100% didn’t).

Schipol does that too (it’s a ridiculously long taxi in real life), wonder if that ever causes issues in sim.

I love Asian Russia. Although I do wonder what this all looks like in the winter.

WTF, a metropolis in the middle of nowhere? Very Soviet looking.

After that heading up into the hills, the railroad taking me to higher altitudes.

Hitting towns is always fun.

But then this is also rare, where they built a roalroad in a straight line instead of curving around.

After Yesterday’s update, it’s the first time that I’m getting poor performance with the game on my computer. In the past I would hover between 40 and 60fps depending on what was going on, but it always felt smooth. Last night’s flying had lots of hitching and for the first time it didn’t always feel smooth.

So the Top Gun expansion coming in November, is it just aircraft carrier(s) and fighter planes I wonder? I hope they add some custom bush trips at least!

Happy to get the Hornet and moving carriers. The Superspud carrier package is fun, but with them being static objects and needing third-party hacks for catapult/traps, I just go to DCS for my carrier experiences and keep those loaded in MSFS for eye candy.

Also noticed there’s finally water wakes, snow effects, and dirt dust on takeoff/landing in the main video, so good to see progress there. Floatplane experience is pretty mediocre right now. Also saw a Carbon Cub on floats, not that we haven’t had that already for a while thanks to molders.

Guessing that stuff will come with Sim Update V in July.

Graphically that looked shockingly good for playing on a console. I haven’t played in quite a while, but that looked better than I remember it looking on my desktop which has an RTX2080. Particularly the close in, on-the-ground and low-altitude shots. (It’s always looked great at mid- to high-altitude.)

It could be the improved water effects @Editer is referring to or maybe the Series X does better ray tracing than the RTX 2000 series?

There’s no ray tracing on PC and I doubt there is on Xbox either.

Correct. Getting raytracing will require upgrading the sim to DX12. Which is planned, but was never meant to happen for the XBox release.

Ah, DX12 is listed for this year, so I was hoping it was coming in Sim Update V along with the Xbox release. Ah well, more treats for the future.

The lighting’s really impressive even with DX11, though.

I finally get to try this out next month! Very curious to see how this plays on Xbox.

Oof. I had a massive brain fart yesterday that I need to clear up. The XBox build is indeed using DX12. Honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I said that. I think I was thinking about raytracing in particular and my brain crossed wires.

At any rate, I’m not sure when it’s planned to bring it to PC, but the XBox is using DX12. Very sorry for the confusion. :(

Man, the forums, or Reddit at least, are putting so much weight on the DX12 release. The howls when it doesn’t given them a 20fps boost are going to be very loud. I think they’ll be lucky to get any noticeable boost at all.

Yeah, it’s the same on Avsim, which is where I mostly hang out, flight-sim forumwise. DX12 is not a panacea. There are going to be definite performance improvements coming to PC based on the work from XBox, but I suspect the switch to 12, whenever it happens, is not going to be the primary contributor. :D

It could make things look better though right? It does make it more likely that what I’m seeing in the new trailer is actually ray tracing?

There’s way too much of a performance hit for them to implement ray tracing, if you ask me, especially when the existing lighting system is so good.

Can’t edit, so I’ll just continue. Looking at other games, meaningful ray tracing would probably cut framerates by at least a third, if not half. This is a game which is already pushing systems to their limit, and for which many people with half decent systems have sub-30fps on reasonable settings. Ray tracing just doesn’t make sense as something to devote resources to until systems are much, much more powerful, or at a minimum until DLSS is implemented. And that’s before we get into the fact that they’d have to rework the engine to implement it.

But, yes, DX12 will hopefully make things look a little better, and maybe make it easier to implement certain visual improvements in future.