Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

And can I livery a 350 into it?

That’s awesome. Imagine having to demonstrate it to airport security :)

Already approved (at least the ones I tried - American Eagle livery is quite cool).

I dunno, I’m afraid.

This thing’s really cute. It’s almost tempting, for use with the laptop when traveling, but I can just give myself the extra challenge of using an Xbox One controller.

BTW, I finally tried flying with the Xbox One Controller when setting up my laptop. Holy crap, you guys who learned on that were automatically playing on Extreme difficulty. Not easy.

Any idea when that is? I didn’t know the WT G1000 didn’t have OBS functionality, and I was pretty thrilled to see it in the Asobo version. It’s something I use IRL all the time - great for pattern work.

That thing looks like it will snap after about an hour.

I flew on VATSIM drunk as a skunk the other night, and amazingly, got away with it. At least, I didn’t wake up to any angry notifications anyway.

Took off from Heathrow in the A32NX to do a short hop to Edinburgh. Apparently even that was too much for my alcohol-sodden brain and, seeing Manchester was still controlled that late (between 1 and 2am), hastily changed my IFR plan and diverted there.

Either the ground controller didn’t recognise I was drunk, or didn’t care. After landing he told me where to park, and by the time I’d done that he was offline. I think the poor sod probably wanted to log off but saw I was incoming, and kindly stayed online for me.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: if you think you’re too drunk to fly on VATSIM, do it anyway.

Pre-install on Xbox Series has begun.

My journey across Russia continued this weekend, even though there was nothing screenshot-worthy to report. I do still run into oddities that make me wonder why things were built the way they were, of course. Like for miles and miles and miles, there was a section where the railroad lines just went in a straight line. The road would curve around with the river nearby, or curve around some hills, but the railroad was absolutely 100% straight.

And then I ran into a few hills where the railroad completely curved around every hill. It wasn’t even all that steep compared to the sections where they had kept it straight, but here was super super curvy all of a sudden.

Oh good. I received a message from Comcast that I hit 75% of my data limit. But after seeing your message I checked and it looks like I now have MSFS at 97 GB on the Xbox and The Ascent (another Game Pass game releasing a day or two after MSFS) now on the SSD at 17 GB.

That’s a relief, before I saw your message I was trying to do a quick calculation to see if I was likely to go over 100% when MSFS installed.

FYI there’s an optional chunk of Flight Sim that’s only necessary if you want to play the game offline. If you’re always going to be connected, you can delete it to free up 50+ GB disk space on console.

I look at a photo like this and I realize, hey wait, maybe I’m missing out by always flying at low altitude in this game.

Flight Sim on XSS

It’s nuts that the series S is able to run flight simulator so well.

Time for another preview video, as we put some of the last touches on things before the public beta.

This one demonstrates the accuracy of our VNAV implementation. Here it smoothly captures VPTH at TOD, nails the 100 degree turn, and hits BOD exactly on time at the bisector, all right on the magenta line. Our vertical guidance accounts for precise turn distance, the vertical deviation indicator holding steady throughout, just like the real unit. 😊

So, once this is properly in-sim, assuming a sensible flight plan, is there ever going to be a reason to use NAV rather than VNV?

If I understand your question right, the two are complementary. VNAV only controls the vertical component, you still need lateral guidance as well.

Ah, so it’s not like APR, which is basically NAV+ glide path? It’s not NAV+ VS?

What I’m asking is, given functioning underlying logic and a correctly designed flightplan, does the VNV button supersede the NAV button entirely, or are there circumstances where you would want to use NAV instead of VNV? Or, as your response suggests, do you have to press NAV (or HDG, or nothing) and then VNV - it’s completely separate from the other autopilot functions and only affecting VS?

That’s pretty much correct, yeah. Here’s what the NXi pilot’s guide says about VNV activation.

That said, I was playing in the NXi trainer a bit, and I was able to turn HDG on once VNV was activated. Then it started acting funny (the trainer is a POS) and crashed shortly thereafter. Whee.

In general, though, yeah. It’s not a replacement for a lateral navigation mode, or a combination of lateral and vertical like APR.

What’s interesting to me, though, is that if you look at the matrix of AFCS modes, pushing the VNV button, though it can only be done with a VNAV flight plan active, without anything else active, turns on ROL mode. I don’t know, though, if it would follow the vertical guidance there, though. Need to play more in the trainer to get that one right. :)