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Ginger posted this mod upthread:

I feel you on that one.

For now, do you know about Shift Z?

That’s weird, I hadn’t heard that one yet. I can ping my sources and see if they have any idea what might be up.

Jinx! :D

Thank you! All I’ve flown since the update is the DC-6 so that probably explains why I haven’t been impressed with the much-touted performance gains!

Ahh, he did and I completely forgot about it too. Now added. Thanks @Ginger_Yellow !

I have no idea how to control the menus in the Xbox Series X version.

Apparently the game is “Play Anywhere”, so it downloaded my PC profile and progress. And maybe controls? Is that why I can’t actually seem to change anything in the menus? I tried changing the color of the menus from default. The screen shows a Right Thumbstick symbol, but pressing the right thumbstick or turning it left and right does nothing to change the menu selection. Neither does doing anything else on the controller.

So I went into the controls menu. Maybe I can find an answer there. Well, it shows me controller configuration, but I can’t actually do anything on that page. None of the thumbsticks or buttons do anything. So, what, I just can’t get to any of the menus on Xbox? Do I have to hook up the mouse to the Xbox? What ridiculousness is this?

Anyway, back to the PC version, I suppose.

Left Thumbstick moves the “Cursor” around. Once you’ve go the cursor over something hit the “A” button to activate it. “B” button if you want to go back.

I have heard there’s some kind of a bug where if you’ve set certain settings on the PC, the only way to get the Xbox back to default settings is to plugin a mouse and explicitly set the controllers back to “Default”. But I’ve played the PC version a moderate amount and didn’t have any issues with this particular bug when I played on Xbox. Might be related to having overridden specific behaviors on the PC.

There’s definitely no “cursor” on the Xbox version for me.

Has anyone played with the unlocked frame rate mode on the XSX? Does it sacrifice other things?

There are about ten gazillion patch notes since launch, where it played it last, so I hope someone can (And will, of course) answer this : Has the controller support been updated as well on the pc version? And can you actually complete the tutorial with it now?

I’m really pissed off with the latest sim update. They always bring issues but this one takes the piss. Virtually none of the aircraft I use are properly flyable, I get constant CTDs (before this update I think I had a total of two CTDs, months ago), the live weather is completely fucked, the list just goes on and on.

Yes, the CTDs are aggravating. I flow low and slow general aviation but I see that Real Weather has hosed jet flying because the temps are ISA +70C at 35,000. It’s too bad we can’t do roll backs like you can with Paradox games through Steam.

Yeah, on the PC version I had that weird glitch again while continuing my trip in Russia last night, where the game just freezes for 10 seconds, and then continues for a few frames, then freezes again. Luckily this time during the time it continued, I was able to save the game and quit out. (This was after I flew for about an hour with no problems BTW).

I’m getting a much better framerate though, so I’ll take the good with the bad.

The temperature thing is already fixed for the first patch, which is going to hit really soon, as is the AI traffic CTD.

Other crashes can be hard to pin down. One thing that I always do after updates that seems to have helped in the past is dump my local cache, might be worth trying that to see if it helps at all.

Is this a MSFS thing or Windows thing? (How do you do it)

EDIT: Ah, it’s in MSFS:

Hopefully they’ll fix it in a patch. I’m not plugging in a mouse to my Xbox just to get around a bug, just on principle. I didn’t change any settings on the PC from the default except for the ones @Pedro recommended that changed how the rudder steering behaves with the controller.

I cleared “ESC” from Set Pause On, but I can’t find anything to set it to. I searched for “Resume” and didn’t find it under all. I scrolled and scrolled for a long time, and I can’t find any command that will let me resume the game from the menu. I must be missing something obvious.

Surely you want ESC to be mapped to both “set pause on” and “set pause off”?

Oh nice! So Set Pause off gets you out of the menu back to the game, you think? It’s worth a try.

It does. I’m not sure why “Toggle Pause” doesn’t do the same thing, but there you go.