Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

That part showing the jet flying low over scenery looks awesome. I wonder if they’ll stream in a bigger area of scenery if you’re in a jet? So you don’t run into areas you haven’t streamed in yet.

It’s about a 5GB install.

The ‘experimental’ mission looks awesome.

Just when I was saying there’s no real need for a new GPU generation :)

The Milviz 310 is by far my favorite GA plane in FS2020 displacing the Carenado Mooney. The level of detail in the wear and tear makes me care about not running the engines like I would a rental car and the handling makes it a joy to hand fly. Prior to buying this plane, I assumed the reserve tanks were the tip tanks but nope, those are the main tanks. Very interesting dynamics when you fly with fuel in the mains and none in the reserves.

I got to tag along as a passenger when a friend was getting his commercial license. The acceleration from recovering from stalls and going around from aborted landings was profound. It was like being in a hot rod when the throttles were gunned forward unlike the anemic performance from say 150 or 172.

I am a long ways off from being able to fly these jets. Which is good since I can’t afford them.

Top Gun expansion is so much fun. I took off from the awesome Homey/Area 51 scenery add-on and flew to Bradley airport in Connecticut, 37 minutes and 10 seconds including taxiing to parking. :) Mach 10 at 275K feet, baby! Still had 60% of my gas left, too.

The external view in VR is pretty breathtaking up there.

I’m really annoyed the carrier is only available in the Top Gun landing challenge. Was really hoping that would be available in free flight so I could land other planes on it, and so that third-party add-on makers could make their carriers and helicopter-landable ships move. (Right now they have to fake ship landing by putting a ship model on top of a ship-shaped terraform mesa.)

Yeah. That felt pretty high :) It was weird to me that you can be high enough to see the curve of the Earth but you can still see individual fields below.

Anyone else flying MSFS today using Live weather and not seeing any clouds? Live weather is so hit and miss – sometimes it works and when it does it’s awesome. But other times like today I times I get wind and pressure changes but absolutely no clouds to be found. I see there are reports of broken weather in the bugs support forum, so I know I’m not alone at least.

Yeah live weather can be very hit and miss. Working fine for me right now on the west Europe server though.

Really loving the new EFB in the FBW A32NX. Very slick.

I saw on the community support forum where someone suggested turning off IPv6 under my ethernet properties and sure enough that fixed it. Without fail, I get weather depicted on the global map screen and within the sim. I have no idea how or why that solved my problem but I get live weather now.

What setting turns off the landing assist: the brackets and the “too fast” warnings?

Generally those are under Options, then the Assistance section. I think one or both are under landing aids.

I didn’t know you could turns off the audio warnings in the cockpit. Is that safe? That feels like it shouldn’t be allowed.


This is the tutorial-style heads up display style aids that show you the preferred flight path for approaches.

Thanks @Skipper. It was “Landing Path” under Options.

No worries. I jump back and forth under there a bit to turn things on and off depending on how stringent I want to be on myself for the aids. I still leave on some navigational aids (source or destination, sometimes airports in between.)

I should rely on them more than I do. I am kinda new to this flying thing.

I have been flying this a bit on the xbox. Even when set to hardest I find the flight modelling… on the light side.

I find it hard to shed speed on landing. Even a couple vigorous S turns won’t do, and even at idle with everything dangling in the wind the thing will pick up speed descending.

Have I missed a setting?

I’m assuming you tried lowering flaps and landing gear and lowering thrust to zero?

What plane has trouble shedding speed?

I was in a robin I think. Or was it the cub?

Yeah I turned the engine all the way down, put flaps to full.

On a runway I can land fine, but precision field landings, I just lack the control over airspeed that other sims (il2, dcs) have. In those it seems ascent or descent does not figure as prominently in air speed.