Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Is that a big fan at the top of the shot, to ruffle your hair in the cockpit…?

Battletech, Citytech, Aerotech. You are a man of fine taste.

That and to keep me cool, plus it helps hold off any hint of motion sickness.

I’ve also got the FASA Renegade Legion games on another shelf. I have a huge collection of games from the 80s, most of which I haven’t played since the 80s. I spent most of my after school job money on wargames and rpgs. I can’t just get rid of them.

Also in on topic news, I just did the first third of the Patagonia bush trip and that was awesome. The XCub can be tricky to land, and the trip throws some tiny fields and a bit of a crosswind at you in a couple of the legs I did. Very satisfying.

My hand on my mouse.

Hell yeah. I think all my Battletech stuff went away a couple of moves ago. I remember thinking, “I should give this to someone,” but just didn’t know anyone remotely interested at the time.

Funny you mentioned this, I’d be interested in an answer as well. I set up the son of a friend on VR MSFS on Saturday evening and he was all heartbroken that the hand controllers kind of sucked. Unlike us, he didn’t know what all the keys on the Joystick/Mouse did and that was just as frustrating for him. I finally had some success with discovery flights and dropping him right into the thick of it. And of course, ten minutes later he wanted me to load up VR chat and Gorilla Tag so he could play with his buddy.

13 year-olds. What are you gonna do?

If you can’t get MSFS to load right now, it’s not just you.

I’m one of those users, didn’t realize it was a network issue and just spent 30 minutes debugging my install. I was so looking forward to getting back to Patagonia.

Also, forgive me as I’m sure I’ve asked this before in the thread, but any opinions on the FS Academy stuff? I see they are having a sale.

So, PMDG has a sale on right now, and has recently released the 737-600 at a cut price, and is supposedly about to release the 800. I’m very tempted to pick up a 737, but is there any reason I shouldn’t just get the cheapest? People online seem to be salty about the release/pricing strategy, but as someone who doesn’t care about flying real routes and doesn’t have any attachment to a particular variant, why should I care about the 800 or 700 over the 600? Are they going to have feature parity in things like the EFB? Are there big differences in the FMC or other systems?

In short: no, you don’t need to worry. There will be feature parity and the differences between the 737 variants will not matter to you if you don’t care about flying real routes with variants accurate to real operators.

That describes me too, and the only reason I got the -700 when it released was because I was dying to get an actual, proper Boeing in the game (the 747 absolutely does not count, even with the Salty mod). I would definitely recommend getting the -600 if it’s the cheapest currently available.

The saltiness over the pricing strategy comes from the old hands who are used to PMDG’s old pricing strategy which (I believe) was something like a high initial cost for a base package then (relatively) cheap variants, with the base package being a prerequisite. They claim that the new strategy means they’ll end up paying more.

However the new strategy means any sane person like you and I who only care about having a 737 to fly are not screwed over. So you know…whatever! I’m very happy with my -700, considered it very good value for money, and won’t be buying any further variants. The -600, being cheaper but with the same features, will be even better value for money.

Just completed a two hour group tour of Puerto Rico. We flew vaguely around the coast with some airfields slotted into the flight plan for touch and goes, but some of them were just ridiculous. Even my Skymaster didn’t have a chance at landing at some of them, largely because they seemed to be situated in what can only be described as forests.

Anyway here’s a group shot at the end after a full stop at Boqueron airfield:

I’m a total layman when it comes to flight sims, but can you please tell me the difference between something like the stock 747 and an actual payware plane? Is everything just way more authentic, from the flight modeling to the cockpit and everywhere in between? Is it something a non-enthusiast would be able to appreciate?

If you’re a more casual simmer the stock aircraft will be enough for you. Yeah, the major difference between stock and payware is that the payware is (usually) much higher fidelity. More systems modelled, more functionality in the cockpit etc.

What I meant specifically with regard to the 747, though, is that in MSFS the 747 is unfortunately quite broken. The last time I tried it - either with the Salty mod or without - the autopilot kept doing its best to kill me. I do know people who have had successful flights with it, and I’ve come close on occasion (just the approach autopilot going wrong on one flight) so it must be possible, but it’s so hit and miss I just can’t be bothered.

The good news is that PMDG are going to make their own 747. The bad news is it’s probably at least a year away.

The one advantage of the 700 package is there are three variants—passenger, business jet, and cargo. If that doesn’t matter, the 600 or 800 are just as good as there’s systems parity.

In preparation for SU10 I’ve been looking at what people do with their Stream Decks, and it seems like I’ve been missing out on some amazing functionality via Axis and Ohs/ Looking forward to going down that rabbit hole when I jump back in. Should be particularly useful for airliners as I can’t bind many of the controls to my yoke/throttle.

Relatedly, does anybody use an X Touch Mini as a control panel? It seems a lot cheaper than an “official” flight sim one, and it would be great to have tactile rotary knobs, but I’m wondering how much faff it is to get working/configured.

You got links to this? I was curious about the same thing.


How people use their StreamDecks with MSFS.

Forum thread:

Youtube with the pre-built profile I’m looking to use:

Axis and Ohs:

Channel with a bunch of tutorial/demo videos:

I did for a while. I found a profile posted on the same subreddit Ginger just linked. There was also a more generic one posted in /r/streamdeckprofiles which is a pretty dead subreddit

I apologize since I reloaded my PC I no longer have that profile here or I’d place it somewhere you can grab it.

Yeah, I’ve been using a generic one, but it just does buttons, whereas these ones are much more interactive and can do displays and such, as well as being tailored for specific planes.

Believe this is the generic one I have: