Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

This sounds totally awesome, thanks everyone.

Just looking over all of these suggested so far, I think the Neofly one seems to be the one I’d like to try first. That looks fantastic, and adds so many elements that I’d like to have in the game.

The best thing about this is that I was planning to upgrade my computer anyway, and this is a nudge for that too. So new processor and graphics card inbound as well.

When you get to that point, I can clue you in on some of the tools I use to shoot videos for YouTube in MSFS.

Okay, thanks! There is something special about it that would make a straight OBS not work well?

Straight OBS is fine. There is another level which is fun, and I think you could use.
At the end of this is a video I recently did that is cinematic in nature: All the cockpit shots are straight OBS as I am flying. I also run a program called Sky Dolly in the background. This program captures all information about the flight in progress to a CSV file. I can then reload the flight, change my camera angles, and record the footage. Jeff Favignano uses to splice into his videos.

You can capture B-roll style footage which is how Jeff uses it.

Oh, perfect! That sounds handy. I was just watching one of his flight videos and he had some neat external views after the cockpit view landing. That must be how he did it. I’ll definitely check this out, thanks. :)

I really hate the in game ATC. It is constantly trying to kill me. Having me take off with a significant tailwind rather than into the wind. Telling me to land at a runway where there’s a massive crosswind when there’s another runway that’s into the wind. It’s getting kind of annoying.

Don’t even get me started. I am thinking of getting FSHud to solve this problemm

Wow, $35.95? That’s a bit hefty for a game mod, no?

Wait until you see the prices for add in airports and airplanes.

Wait till my wife sees the credit card bill for the new CPU, graphics card, and SSD.

And then comes throttles, yokes, etc.

I feel for you.

It’s all good. What’s a YouTube channel if you don’t lose money while you do it?

Speaking of which, do you know if a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick will do for now, or is this something else I would need to upgrade?


It is the one I use for every plane. I have the TCa Airbus throttle with addons I love.

Edit. For general ga flying the throttle in it is fine. It was with the airliners I needed a better throttle. The Airbus has specific positions you need to put the throttle in and it was hard on that Extreme.

Oh, pretty. I will hang on for a bit for that.

Great to know about the joystick, thank you. Much appreciated.

I don’t have rudder pedals either, so no need to rush in those.

@Zilla_Blitz, if you’re interested in a fuller setup, I have a full Thrustmaster T.16000 stick/throttle/pedals combo available, as well as an AIrbus stick/throttle/expansion setup. I upgraded to a ridiculous Winwing HOTAS setup, so both are just gathering dust in the garage now and I’d make a sweet deal for a Qt3 friend. :)

No pressure, just mentioning them in case!

This totally bizarre area of Nebraska…

Apparently it’s the Nebraska sandhills. I’ve driven through bits of Nebraska, but not that part.

Sorry, I meant the seaplane one.

Thanks, Editer! I’ll reach out via the messaging here. I might wait a bit to see how I like the game(s) first, but I’d be interested to connect about it, for sure!

So far I am enjoying NeoFly. I made some bad choices with my initial attempt. Picked the DR400 as I hadn’t flown it before and it said it took four passengers, making it seem superior to the other choices. I started at my home airport KRNO. The DR400 seemed nice once I got it up at altitude, but even after a run up where I felt I had the mixture right the thing does not climb well and the wind just has it’s way with it. I’m probably doing it wrong, but instead I started a new career in the Savage Cub. While the wind still has its way with the Cub it just feels so much more powerful and able to climb in the mountain air.

There was a period of frustration when trying to start a career with the Savage Cub. It does not have a parking brake. NeoFly wants you to set the parking brakes to begin the mission and load cargo/passengers. After some searching I found there’s a little button hidden at the bottom of the flight screen in the NeoFly interface that let’s it ignore the parking brakes.

On I figured that out I had some nice local flights in the Cub among the scattered thunderstorms moving through the Truckee valley today.