Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

New batch of screenshots from sim. Some are pretty darn close to making you think if their real photos or not.

Whoa… look at this (airport comparison):

Though it appears they’re using lower settings on MS Flight Sim X. Mine doesn’t look that bad.

3rd party scenery makers are certainly have their work cut out for them. I can see them filling in scenery gaps where Bing’s photogrammetry data is lacking or woefully outdated for some areas of the planet. It’s pretty amazing what FS2020 offers right out of the box. You can get that level of detail for Xplane and P3D if you’re willing to fork over big bucks for 3rd party scenery, but even with up grades both sims can’t match the cloud and lighting tech in FS2020.

An airbus flight stick replica joystick. I wonder if it’s better than my Precision Pro 2?

Only $70 seems reasonable. Plus it’s designed for HOKAS.

Watching the linked video, I sure hope they have copious amounts of relevant chatter in the game.

August 20th :)

Oh, wow, that’s a lot sooner than I was expecting. Kinda bullshit that the biggest European airports are only available (“handcrafted”) in the pay extra versions though. I don’t suppose people in the Alpha are allowed to say how the non-handcrafted airports look? From memory of various bits of footage, they were all ones in the handcrafted list.

August 18 for US Americans!

I don’t know about that. The airports in the standard edition seem pretty evenly divided.

And the extra airports in each extra edition as well:


The airports in that most expensive edition are some really well known airports though. San Francisco, Denven, Frankfurt, Heathrow and Dubai. I want that! But no, the plain Game Pass version (blue) seems fine for me.

EDIT: The airport in Portugal is named after Christiano Ronaldo? Really? Or are they both named after a different Christiano Ronaldo?

They did indeed name their international airport after a football star. Basically Ronaldo is to Portugal what LeBron was to Cleveland: a major part of their economy.

Where is it available for pre-order? Didn’t see it on Steam (for some reason, I thought they were going to have it).

That launch trailer is amazing.

Whoa, it’s gonna be on Game Pass? Guess I’m throwing down five bucks on August 18th to see how much of a dog this is gonna be on my system!

All first party games always are.

Sure, there are lots of big (and perhaps more importantly, dramatically situated) airports in the base game, but of the five busiest airports in Europe, only Charles de Gaulle is in there, and for all but Schipol and Madrid you have to pay for the most expensive version,which seems rough.In comparison, only two US airports are paywalled, with one (the busier) in the cheaper tier.
I mean, I 'm not complaining too much, I’m getting the base game “for free”. And it may be that even the non-handcrafted airports look pretty good. But it does seem like quite an FU for European players.

That’s so soon! I had assumed that we’d be lucky to see it before the end of the year.

Locking out some airports behind a higher price point is dumb. What happens if I buy the standard edition and fly into SF? Will it just be an autogenerated airport instead of an artisanal, hand-crafted one?

That said, given the time, money, and effort you’d spend getting X-Plane to look as good as MFS2020 does right out of the box, even the highest price point seems like a bargain.

Yes. All airports in the world should be there, based on bing maps and such. But the additional work with the hand-crafted content is what’s being sold for extra.

Flight Sim has always had a cottage industry around it, and MS distributed an SDK to all the modders and third-party expansion content folks. The difference this time around is that all that content may be found in a central in-game marketplace, rather than having to purchase them separately on external storefronts. But if there are missing “hand-crafted” airports, I imagine either the third-party folks will create stuff, or perhaps MS will slowly add more airports.

The trailer is absolutely gorgeous.

That said, the packages they’re offering are a bit of a downer. Guess they’re figuring that their core group is old dudes with a solid income who won’t mind shelling out $120 bucks. And they might be largely right.

I assume we’ll have to wait for mods, third party content or DLC until we get some fighter jets?

I want an alien invasion scenario with japanese style mechas (macross style, even) over this terrain.