Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Here is some more detail on airports:

So Microsoft Flight Simulator apparently features every airport in the world. A modest 37,000 of those have been manually edited by Asobo, they say in a new developer video.

So it’s not 37,000 autogenerated, they’ve been manually edited to some extent. It’s just the super highly-detailed ones mentioned in the preorder stuff.


God dammit, now it’s sitting in my Gamepass app, taunting me.

Looks like my Game Pass expires at the end of the month. Let us know how it is!

Ah 150GB install size. Gonna need a new SSD.

I’m honestly surprised it’s not bigger.

So where will be buy this? What’s the best way to get/run it? Microsoft Store? Will it be on Steam?

Microsoft store. No VR, no guns, no interest from me.

Unless you want the more expensive versions with more planes and airports, the best option seems to be a game pass subscription on Xbox app/MS store on PC. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on Steam at some point in the future though, considering MS games like Halo and Sea of Thieves are on Steam now.

What is the latest word on VR? Last I remember in November they said they would be working hard at including it. It will be a shame if it doesn’t ship with it, but I’ll still pick it up. That is just too sweet looking. I’ll make do with the trackir until they vr support.

Looking at the store page I think it is clear there won’t be VR at launch. Don’t assume there will be track IR support at launch either.

After launch, yeah. Initially they weren’t planning on having it all.

I’m not even sure if the MS Store currently works with VR or not. Dirt Rally 2 doesn’t have it, for example.

That would really suck if it doesn’t even have trackir support.

As gorgeous as it looks, probably a no-go for me until they get VR. I’ll be keeping an eye on reactions though. Have they announced when the testers are freed from the NDA?

Wow this is out on game pass next month! What a great surprise.

You want next gen? Here’s your next gen!

One positive of this announcement is that they seem to have scrapped their plan to have the top-tier terrain mapping only available with a monthly subscription.

There was never any indication that this was their plan. Some people simply assumed it might be the case, because of how heavily the sim relies on streaming from Azure. Microsoft and Asobo never said anything to this effect.

I must be imagining things as I remembered a PC Gamer article ages ago where they mentioned it was one option they were exploring. It’s entirely possible what i am remembering is a speculative piece and not an interview.

Now that’s the kind of gear I wouldn’t mind flying with:

This is definitely going to be the software of 2020 for me.

I might have to hook the PC up to the Sony TV to get HDR (if supported) and 4K resolution.