Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Whoa that’s nice.

Where’s the chair?

10 discs :)


I hope MS has improved their patching methodology.

Kinda want it for the printed manual.

3rd party DLC shop announced.

Nothing ruins all those beautiful trailers like some shitter flying in 3rd person with all the UI widgets turned on.

I’m always amused by the balls on people who think it’s a good idea to leak gameplay when their user ID watermark is plastered all over the screen

Looks like this guy will soon be on the receiving end of an adept baton.

I pre-installed this game using Game Pass. All 12.1MB of it. I’m so ready for this.

If you guys can fly anywhere in the world, where will you want to explore first?

I was thinking of starting at Seattle airport, and flying north to find Mt Denali in Alaska, maybe checking out Vancouver along the way.

I’m gonna fly around Japan.

I have always done routes I know in MSFS. Like I would always fly Seattle to Spokane which was easy once you found I-90.

I am still not sure if I am picking this up though. I figure if I do, I really should do it right for once and get a yoke. Joysticks or M/K never felt right. The Logitech yoke is surprisingly cheap at $170.


One of the things I loved about the announcement trailer for MFS 2020 is the appearance of animals when doing low altitude flights over wilderness. It would be so cool if penguin colonies were implemented in Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia.

I’m going to be boring and fly routes I’ve actually travelled - Boise to Seattle, Boise to Sacramento, Boise to San Diego. But I think I only think that because it’s kind of hard to fathom going from X-Plane et al - where you must download gigabytes and gigabytes of ortho data to end up with one state or one region’s worth of decent scenery - to the frankly insane level of detail from MSFS out of the box.

So beyond some basic routes, I don’t know! I kind of want to fly some US coastlines. Some southeast Asian routes are probably gorgeous. Maybe a European city tour?

I’m stoked!


Maybe try VFR from one remote Pacific island to another. Maybe try VFR to some remote subarctic island-volcano.

Also flying around lake Issyk-Kul, the Altai mountains, ect. Maybe i’ll fly VFR on my own Silk Road route, from China to Central Asia to Venice.

Actually that sounds like fun, i can make several “trade route” flights. Like Varangian route from Sweden to Istanbul through and down the rivers of Russia, or maybe take the Persian route down the Volga to Iran. Maybe have a Trade Winds route that goes from Egypt down to the end of the Swahili coast and then back up to India.

Maybe take an Odyssey flight around the eastern med. Maybe take a Roman Roads flight route, or just a European Capitals flight path. Pretty much a ton of options!

There’s also lots of Lost Places routes, like deep into the Sahara, that would be fun.

Maybe Guillaumet’s Buenos Aires to Santiago route over the Andes.

Boeing Field to SeaTac.

Just remember, minimum 2000 ft (610 m) above bird colonies in Antarctica to minimize disturbance. If they do model any wildlife colonies it would be neat to also implement flight regulations around them (at least, what you’re supposed to do!).