Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

For that one I used Flight Recorder. It’s not as full featured as FSPlayground, which I also have, but it lets you export your flight log as a csv so you can examine the data, which I thought would be neat with this.

(And it’s free. Which, if you don’t already have one, is hard to beat.)

Thanks, Skipper!

Nice screenshots above, everyone. I imagine you’re all on 3090s ;) as I seem to have had a lot of graphic degradation in comparison. As an example, at the very start, my runways were beautiful and crisp; it was a pleasure to see them in the distance on approach. Now, they turn to shit, blurry as hell, when I’m a couple of hundred feet out. Same settings, just a blanket Ultra. Very annoying.

Better add some of my own.

Cincy looking good:

Cuban cays or cais

Taking the Goose from Minneapolis to Manitoba

A whole city built under a massive dam here. What could go wrong.

I crashed in a snowstorm but the sim didn’t end so I turned the Weather to Clear Skies to see what I hit:

Sochi Olympic site

Those screenies are very respectable! I really like the one of the Goose resting in its natural habitat.

I need to download the Goose! Those screens are awesome, @Pedro It looks lie you too the Piaggio over some nice scenery.

In related news to you and @Ginger_Yellow it appears whomever runs Montgomery and the spoke sites from it either set them all to private runs for that group or someone has been VERY busy. There isn’t crap for jobs there now. I’ll have to migrate the King Air to a better site again. That was a nice little money spot for the time though. I hope to god they didn’t set those for private because that literally ruins the money they made from a non-group member running so many boarding/un-boarding operations through that FBO. It was extra cash in their pocket versus re-payment back to their own group.

Yeah, I thought that might have happened. Hence using the TBM. I’m maxed out on hours anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

I’m hoping to base my/our Longitude in Asia somewhere (or even southern Africa if it’s viable) to give us some more geographical diversity until we get our FBOs. If you hear of any good job networks let me know.

That time you had it in Louisiana was incredible. There seemed to be almost full loads to two separate nearby airports. You were paying it off at the time and it was all I could do not to snap up the jobs before you came online :P

Great idea.

KATL looks like a decent bet. Tons of jobs, generally six+ to each airport, and most have decent return legs, so you could pick up two in the same direction for a full load each way.

Huh. This is a new bug for me:

I have a serious airplane collecting problem. Picked up the Carenado Arrow because they make good stuff. Really love the way the plane feels, and the steam-gauges-with-GPS. I have the Just Flight Arrow on P3D, so I’ll likely grab that too if they offer an upgrade price for P3D owners. It’s a pretty different, more recent model. Anyway, looks and flies great.

And the Bleriot, for a big change of pace. I very proudly took off and landed in the ultra-realistic “this will kill you” edition, and then I realized I had aircraft overstress off, so need to try again with that turned on before I get cocky…

Once I have some serious time for a flight, I want to take the realistic version across the English Channel.

Flying with wing warping, you really get some use our of your rudder pedals.

Haha, glad I’m not the only one here with an incorrigible plane collection bug. The Bleriot is a true challenge. I can usually get the RIP version off the ground, if there’s no wind, but can’t keep it in the air for very long. :D

There was an Alps crossing done with it too that I plan on doing.

I don’t have the Carenado Piper, I actually forgot that came out. The upcoming one from Just Flight looks really good.(You can preview the manual for it if you want.) I’ll probably hold off until that one comes out and see how the reviews on the Just Flight model are.

I’ve also had my eyes on the Trinidad. Planes. Planes. PLANES!

I’m most excited by the Spitfire and Corsair that are imminent. I was going to skip the Spitfire – I have excellent Spits in IL-2 and DCS – but when you combine the UK/Ireland scenery in the World Update with all of the awesome enhancements available on, it just feels like the perfect plane for some VR touring. Nice canopy for looking around, and when you’re going from place to place, it’s nice and fast. And it’s the most British of all fighters. :)

I went to check out the Wing42 site for Bleriot information and saw they’re also doing the Lockheed Vega and the Boeing 247D. Really looking forward to the Boeing and the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3.

Say hello to the newest member of the QT3 family, a healthy 39,500lb.

Oh, very nice!

What’s its best use in FSE? I haven’t really looked at the bigger planes.

I was kinda charmed by the ‘pilots sitting outside the plane’ bug at the start but that wore off really quickly :(

Well, I’ll have to figure that out, but it seems to be a very decent all rounder - it can take the 8 pax corporate jobs, which is most if not all of them, and unlike the King Air it also has fairly decent cargo capacity, just under 4k kg at 50% fuel. Only issue is going to be short landing strips I imagine.

Nice, will have to give it a go later on!

Oooh, she’s pretty!

If I accidentally spilled wine on one of the seats is that a big deal?

Ginger I think they have a really nice range too, though I don’t know the FSE comparisons for that between the others. The King Air is a fuel pig unless you can load it up. The TBM is too small for some jobs, etc.

Bangkok! Sweet!

🎵 One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble … 🎵