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In theory, yes, but

a) the Citations used to be bugged for fuel consumption in MSFS, not sure if that’s still an issue

b) I think the money/distance ratio drops off pretty rapidly after 100NM, so there’s not a huge advantage to having long range except opening up a broader range of jobs.

It does drop off but exec ferry jobs have their own pay per trip and can sometimes be much longer. But it also opens up going to a spot for a job. Any additional range is nice. How much did it cost in FSE if you don’t mind me asking? Need any help with those costs at all?

A bit over a million

Not bad at all. That’s the most expensive purchase so far until @Pedro picks up a CRJ. :)

Nice work saving up for that. I blow my money long before reaching amounts like that.

Well, it was the big thing I was aiming for, and the King Air is a really good earner in the right place. All my money is going toward the FBOs now.

I haven’t used it, but there’s a Longitude mod that claims to bring performance (and fuel consumption) closer to the real thing. And our CJ4, should you pick one up, is very close to the actual numbers.

A million!

I blow all my money plus the overdraft almost immediately. I have bought 10 small planes in FSE since mid Jan.

This week I bought a Trinidad to match the one I bought as DLC, and a Piper Arrow in anticipation of next week’s Arrow DLC. I can’t even fly it yet.

Re: range and fuel consumption, just did a round trip at max safe speed from Thailand to Myanmar, a little over 800nm each way with a fair bit of faffing around on the return approach. Went from 74% fuel to 25%. Definitely need to work on my landings, this thing comes in hot.

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Nailed it.

Hey, you’re already on the beach and ready to party. Nothing wrong with that.

The FlyingIron Spitfire is out, and I have no regrets. Beautiful and flies great. Would not suggest without either rudder pedals or a twist axis, though – that torque on takeoff is real.

I may have to pick up the Spit. How is the complex engine management if you are using it? I know that the game allows those controls to be bound but I haven’t tried anything that requires them yet. But it’s something I’ve been messing with in IL-2.

Alas, I’m not a complex engine-management kind of guy. :) Haven’t even cracked the manual yet, just took it for two short flights in Australia and the UK to get a feel for it on my lunch hour. Flies well and definitely requires some attention on the ground.

If you like the details systems stuff, though, you might want to wait for the Aeroplane Heaven Spit to come out and then compare the reviews. From Bazzar’s posts on Sim-Outhouse, it sounds like they are aiming for study-level on the Spitfire and DC-3.

I’ll be delving into it more deeply this weekend.


I’m new to the forum and MSFS is the game I’m spending most of my time on at the moment so I thought I’d better drop in to this thread.

I’ve only skimmed the 3,000+ posts but it looks like you guys are mainly GA fliers? I’ve just discovered GA myself recently; I’ve been flying the A32NX a lot up to now. The DA62 is my new girlfriend though! Incredible aircraft, especially with the improvement mod by mrtommymxr and the Working Title G1000 mod.

Thanks to Little Nav Map I’ve spent the last week or two happily planning VFR flights and have just recently finished a complete tour of the British Isles. Any suggestions for more tours would be welcome!

Besides that I am in a VA and have been flying lots of scheduled flights in the A32NX which, overall, has to be the most accomplished mod in the game. It’s extraordinary what those guys are doing. For example the EFB is now implemented and it gets new functions with each new update. The descent planning tool is particularly good (and accurate - I’ve tested it myself).

Uh oh, @Chappers is going to have to fight you for your avatar.

Bugger! FINE I’ll find something else.

Welcome aboard! I went the opposite route and I’m slowly going from the small GA stuff to larger stuff.

At first I was way behind on modern GPS usage and navigation but with some youtube help I’m getting better. Have you picked up any third party aircraft? Or, have you explored any of the meta games out there that overlay with the game and provide some fun mission type flying?

I’ve tried a couple of “games” like FSEconomy I believe, but although I thought I wanted goals, it turns out I don’t, particularly. A friend tried to get me into something he was playing but it sounded too restrictive to me, like e.g. being penalised just for not switching off landing lights at exactly 10,000ft. As if a real pilot would be penalised for that!

Any time I want a challenge I just fly into or out of Heathrow on VATSIM during a busy period. :)

As for third party stuff, for now I’m just using the A32NX and the modded DA62. I’m not against paying for aircraft, especially since MSFS is so achingly pretty that I can’t imagine ever buying scenery. But nothing that has been released yet has taken my fancy - which is to be expected since the sim is still new.

As soon as someone releases a decent Boeing I will be all over it, no matter the price. I’m still bitter and angry to this day that the 747 is not flyable. The A32NX is great but I’m a Boeing fanboy.

@IkeVandergraaf, I cracked the manual on the Spitfire last night. There’s detailed info on the engine management, boost settings, temp ranges you should stay in, and so on.

I also learned what a “Wobble pump” is.

I’m not sure if you actually experience failures if you exceed recommended ranges for too long – haven’t had time to boot MSFS again since those two short flights – but the systems are at least documented and functionally simulated.

Once I get some time to play again I’ll take on to Biggin-Hill and do some test flying. :)

Also, welcome aboard, @Paradroid! I played that game.

What’s GA stand for?

General aviation. Pretty much anything below jet aircraft, simply put.