Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

This looks absolutely gobsmacking. I don’t imagine we’ll get this level of fidelity world-wide. But, would I be happy flying something like the I-5 corridor with that scenery? Yes, I would. Quite so.

Compare to (FSX)

Dear lord.

I have two premature concerns for this one:

  • It will make you stream terrain data as you fly like Google Earth VR, which will make it unusable for me unfortunately (broadband not fast enough for the eye candy).
  • It will not feature VR.

They have 2 freaking petabytes of world data!!!

I’m going to need a few more hard drives…

Has that been stated? Because that would be a decision about as stupid as killing off the franchise to begin with.

I’ve gotta’ imagine it is probably going to be streaming. I can’t see how they’ll deliver that level of detail otherwise. Perhaps it’ll have an option to download and cache regions? But, even then, folks with bandwith limits or paid bandwidth are out of luck.

It’s hasn’t been stated either way. I think @Tim_N was expressing it as a concern. And, yeah, no VR would make it a tough sell for me no matter how beautiful it looks. but I also have concerns with delivering that level of detail at 90+fps and high res. Here’s hoping!

I think this be the perfect application for vr. People might not want to tool around in DCS, but relaxing in a a cessna or something in MSFS could be a lot more appealing. So I hope they provide vr support. It would be a tough sell for me, but I’d probably cave in the end and break out the track ir if I have to.

OMG OMG OMG. I am so damn geeked! So big question, which VR set are they going to design the game around?

Whatever one we don’t buy. Judging by my track record.

Sorry no it hasn’t, as @BiggerBoat said I’m just being pessimistic that this might not happen.

How good is Australia, right? ;)

Isn’t MS working on their own VR project?

What hardware do you need for VR in a flight sim? I’m just sort of curious.

I mean, is that the thing where you have to put a dot on your forehead or something? You can tell I haven’t done much in the flight sim VR space, but I remember seeing pictures of something to help you use your head naturally in a flight sim.

You’re thinking of head tracking or eye tracking. VR is the whole helmet over the head and eyes thing.

Okay, so a helmet? So you need a joystick and pedals. Some guys get a throttle thing too. So now you need all of that stuff, plus a helmet? Wow, that’s a lot of stuff.

To clarify, the helmet isn’t any different than what you use to play any Windows VR game and you could get by with just a joystick. Many joysticks offer twist for rudder instead of pedals and a little slider that can be used for throttle.

Beauty of the genre is that it does offer all sorts of hardware expansion to increase immersion, but I wouldn’t consider all that required for the casual simmer.

Maybe goggles is a better word than helmet when describing a vr headset.

I imagine a masochist could fly with just keyboard and mouse, but at the very least I’d say a joystick is needed. From there head tracking with something like track ir is another leap, and then the best experience would be with vr. Since track ir would already be setting someone back $100 or so (not sure what it costs these days) I would just sink that money into a vr headset, because the jump from head tracking with track ir to the immersion with vr is even greater than the jump to having head tracking was.

Yeah, that’s kind of where I was going with it, so thank you (and everyone, really) for this analysis. It’s not so much the number of widgets available, but it’s the most bang for your buck. I’ve had the whole HOSAT set up, but it was kind of a PIA to program all that shit for different games, so I mostly had certain things mapped, and just used pause a lot. I don’t mind that so much, but I have always had the most difficulty just keeping my situational awareness up. I think a VR set might be just the ticket. Of course, I would rather spend my time doing carrier landings or air to ground type attacks than just flying around, but to each his own I guess.

I can wholeheartedly recommend VR for flight sims. It is a wonderful experience and practically redefines the genre. There are many of us who pretty much wrote sims off until the Oculus came out, and now are head over heals. Count me in that group. I freaking love screaming down for a rocket attack in DCS. The sense of height and speed and distance is just so realistic, and yes, being able to see around you is natural.

Just flying around doing acrobatics or practicing crazy stunts like staying 10 feet off the ground at hundreds of MPH and flying under bridges or between high-rises is a blast. This sim looks to scratch that itch nicely.

I am definitely more into the combat aspect, but certainly a place for this game. Also, perhaps we see a MSCFS announcement if this does well?


Sometimes I don’t fire rockets, drop bombs or loose missiles, sometimes I just look at those weird mountains in southwest Iran and think “what an interesting landscape” for an hour or so. This sim looks perfect for that.

Other times I just want to operate a complicated machine to it’s maximum murderous potential and that’s what DCS is for. (and carrier landings!)

And sometimes I wish to whirl around in something with a (more or less) powerful piston engine driving a beautifully crafted piece of wood and machine gun nazi’s until the wings come off their planes and that’s what Il-2 BoX is for.

There are people decrying the lack of game in the above experiences. Well.