Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

I believe that is referring to marketplace addons there. Things can always change, but at the moment out-of-process SimConnect clients are not supported for security reasons.

(Technically, “SimConnect” will work, as that’s the name of the API, and it’s used by native WASM code as well, but that’s just quibbling, and not what most folks mean by it. :P )

And, first mission completed. Trying it in a TBM was stupid anyway, as it involves landing and taking off from a field. So I replaced it with an X Cub. And doubled down on my loan to go for the Longitude. If I’m going to be alternating between bush flights and longer haul stuff it might as well be in a jet.

I’m really annoyed that the “set your Xbox region to New Zealand” trick didn’t work to let me play the XSX version this afternoon. Guess with a server-based game it’s easier to enforce the region-lock on the rollout. They might also be rolling out WW at midnight ET US – games vary between rolling releases at midnight in local regions vs worldwide all at once.

Ah well. Should be playable at 9 pm PT tonight!

Is there any particular reason to think it will be midnight at all? The World/Sim updates aren’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if it just dropped sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Unfortunately @Ginger_Yellow is right, it’s not releasing at midnight local time:

It’s typical for games to release at midnight, either rolling regionally or all at once. But MSFS is a very different animal, so I’m not shocked that they’re doing it at the end of the French business day and the beginning of the Seattle one.

And with the time they chose, the server load will ramp up through the day.

Guessing the PC and Xbox use the same content servers (not sure), so an Xbox player flood could affect the PC. But Azure’s capacity is insanely good, so I’m not really worried.

MSFS was a super slow download on PC at launch, so I wouldn’t be so confident, though they have made some changes since then.

Download is already there; they pushed a 90+ GB Xbox preload last week, and MS does huge zillion-gigabyte game releases on a regular basis. It’s just the load on the scenery servers that’s going to be interesting.

If anyone has good data on how much download volume they have at specific times of the global day it’s Microsoft, at this point.

I didn’t expect we’d be able to load in early but I DID expect they would allow caching early which I have not seen.

Argh, totally forgot I would be out of town on vacation the rest of this week, looks like I have to wait a bit longer to earn my wings. Will be looking forward to reading impressions of how this shapes up for everyone on Xbox.

Is there supposed to be a big update for PC today? What time is that supposed to drop? I tried playing this weekend, but kept crashing. Don’t know if it was MSFS or some combination of VR, OVR toolkit, and PilotEdge.

Someone said something about the XBox version being “fiddly.” I can’t imagine why.

Yeah the next sim update is today, it normally drops around 16:00 UK time.

Seattle should be live now, right? Not seeing a patch.

Oh wait, now it’s up! Check for Updates in the store.

Or, what I did. Start the game, and it kicks you to update.

40.29 GIB update size! It will eat up an additional 22.92 GIB of space.

Yep 40GB and I never get more than 25 Mbit/sec from Microsoft’s server for some reason. This is why I dread update day.

There’s like 12GIB of flight tutorials and counting!

Hmmm, not seeing anything for Sim Update 5 so far. Nothing in the Xbox or Windows Store clients and when Ioaded the sim up just now it didn’t do the usual update dialogue.

If you try to launch it directly from the Windows store, does it do anything different? Sometimes I need to do that for an update to “take”.

We never got final confirmation that our package was released to the marketplace, so I’m watching my upload with bated breath until I can launch and see.

(If not, it likely will be in the next few days. So impatient :D )