Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

I am a fan of AvAngel’s YouTube videos. She does a good job at reviewing some GA aircraft I am tempted to get.

If you are on PC rather than Xbox or streaming, there’s also a ton of fantastic, free content at

To get started, I’d highly recommend:

Fantastic 50’s fighter package! Payware quality!

These two are enhanced versions of stock aircraft:

High Performance STOL plane

Super-fast touring plane:

Great ultralight:

Gatwick Airport, for a cool enhanced international airport:

Grand Canyon National Park airport:

This is my favorite airport scenery, Duxford in the UK with the museum:

Airshow add-on for the airport above, adds crowds:

If, like me, you’re anxiously awaiting Neofly 4, here’s a streamer playing the beta:

I’ve been holding off on doing much GA flying until this gets released, even though I generally prefer GA.

One of these days, I should just bite down and eat my vegetables, so to speak, and do the damn tutorial missions. I bet I’ll get an achievement out of it and learn a lot.

Oh, I like the idea of a career mode so I’ll have to give that a try once I work through the tutorial and learn how to actually fly better.

Does it play well with the Gamepass edition of Flight Simulator?

Do people prefer k&b or controller when playing on a PC? I’ve only played a bit of the console version until now.

The correct answer is joystick.

LOL, RIght, let me rephrase, for those who don’t have a sweet flight stick setup, which is preferred?

1st question: What is the ‘b’ in k&b?

I prefer the controller. I could setup my joystick, but it takes a lot of room on my desktop so it’s a hassle. The wired 360 controller is easy to tuck away and it’s a workhorse that’s always worked.

For the Breckenridge Bush Trip though, I did have a lot of trouble not tipping my plane over when trying to stop after landing. But that has more to do with that yellow plane in the game than the controller controls.

Even a cheap one, like the Logitech Exreme’s are good. I have the Extreme Pro 3d, which is like $20 I think.

oops, meant k&m

Well, it’s good to know there are cheap alternatives. I’ll probably try a bit with just the 360 controller and then if I really get into it maybe upgrade to that stick.

You are going to want to adjust your deadzones for the sticks. I found them to be extra sensitive.

As far as I’m aware, there are no incompatibilities at all with Game Pass MSFS. I’ve certainly never encountered any. Neofly just goes in your Community folder along with the other mods. It doesn’t even need a separate SimConnect client like FS Economy does.

Yep, not to mention the slightest movement detected tends to disconnect your autopilot. Deadzones are a must.

I’ll also second the joystick suggestion. For flight simming, the cheapest joystick will be better than the best gamepad, no question.

Just updated the two airports I’ve created, to fix compatibility with the latest World Update. Turns out the Anniversary Edition broke Darwin’s ICAO by reusing the fictional code I’d chosen for it, and Majerle needed some reworking due to changes in the map textures used for the Seattle area.

Majerle Strip, a challenging STOL airport near Duvall, WA:

Darwin Airstrip near Death Valley, a difficult landing due to telephone wires right at the end of the runway that necessiate an L-shaped approach.

I would definitely recommend a joystick, it will add immeasurably to the immersion, as well as just being easier, but given the choice between k&m and gamepad, definitely gamepad, or rather gamepad and k&m, as you’re not going to have enough buttons.

Is there a keyboard command to move the throttle per engine? One of the seaplanes I have doesn’t have a water rudder and changing the throttles in the cabin is a real PITA.

You can bind the individual engine throttles if that’s what you mean. I doubt there’s a default keyboard binding though.

The recent news stories about the supreme court decision on Maine all mentioned that Maine is the most rural state in the U.S. That gave me the idea that I should try to explore it in MSFS one day.

Last time I did the Breckenridge Bush Trip, I was on my older computer, plus this time the game has had several rounds of improvements, of course. It’s like a different trip, there’s so much more detail, I love it.