Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

It’s a great trip. Careful when applying the brakes in those tail-draggers :) I always forget when I go back to them.

Chipmunk is out!

I have a real passion for classic planes like this. I also have an airplane collecting problem. :)

Aeroplane Heaven has definitely upped their audio game. Dramatically better than their earlier MSFS releases. Love the starter cartridge firing at 10 seconds.

Doing the first stage of the Norway Bush trip today; man what an amazing area. It’s just postcard beauty after postcard beauty over every hill you crest. It was only near the end of the leg when I finally thought, hey I should take some pictures. So apologies, I missed most of the great stuff because I was just gawking the entire time.

I’ll look forward to doing it again, since I botched the landing really badly. This little plane is crazy. It’s the first time I’ve flown it, it feels like a paper plane flapping in the wind.

Patrick has been doing some great threads on MSFS recently.

The F-104. This is really interesting.

The Top Gun Plane

The Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann

The Boeing 247

25 minutes to cross the United States is pretty nuts.

I freaking love the F-104. I really need to read the documentation again, though, because it is not an easy plane to fly.

The boys who flew it called it the zipper. The press called it the widow maker. It rocked as a fighter, yet it will kill you if you try do a red baron style lufberry with it. Those tiny wings, really nothing more than glorified mudguards, made it a terrific low-flyer, very stable and fast. It also made it an absolute monster in the boom&zoom type of bfm. Go fast!

Umm, your flaps are down.

I also just started this bush trip in order to give a new plane a try. I was bouncing around way more than seemed right through most of the flight. Then I realized I never put the gear up. I’ve been flying the 172 and xcub mainly so the thought of gear that can be raised didn’t occur to me. ;)

True! My flaps were halfway down, which I didn’t realize until I was coming in for a landing. No wonder the trip took so much longer than the instructions said it should.

I did much better on the second leg, though the scenery wasn’t as interesting.

In the first part after at first correctly identifying the stadium it mentions I got distracted by the giant weird looking thing off on the hillside from Oslo. It looked so strange I thought it was a glitch. Turns out it’s a ski jump tower.

So today I found out that Air Hauler 2 is now available for MSFS2020.

I might need to reinstall. I loved it for FSX.

I did the second leg of Norway last night. Remembered to put the gear up after landing this time. I’m kind of liking the Bonanza. A definite speed upgrade to the planes I’ve been flying so far like the 172 and the DA40, though it still can fly real slow for landing. I made what was one of my smoothest approaches so far at the end of that second leg. Brought her down super slow and gentle. Only problem was I forgot to put the gear down. I didn’t realize this until I found myself wondering why the prop stopped turning on touchdown. So that’s what that beeping was! Still, the plane came to a perfect stop on the center of the runway. Really would have been one of my best landings if not for that one little detail.


What’s weird is that the game no longer lets you re-do legs of the bush trip where you failed on the landing, as far as I can see. I tried redoing the first leg for example. I selected it from the menu, and the yellow button on the interface changed to “restart from”, which I clicked, but the game put me in the second leg anyway.

It feels wrong to crash on the landing but to continue the bush trip anyway. I should be dead. Or at least severely injured!

Trying this with streaming and it feels weird to have to watch a stream of the TopGun update downloading to… a cloud somewhere? Not sure the future is absolutely here yet :)

Did a couple of legs of the Denmark bush trip today. Totally gorgeous. The town you fly into at the end of the second leg looks like it was built it townscaper. I have to do the first leg again, or just fly out of that airport, as I kind of missed the landmarks that are all bunched together in the first part and just flew by course and time. Had to circle around a bit to identify the “water castle” landmark in the second leg but it was worth dipping down low to get a good look at it.

The Beechcraft Bonanza had issues when the game released that inadvertently hamstrung its power, especially climbing out. I don’t remember if they patched it but if you like the plane at all, there are a few 3rd party patches for it on that really help. This one is the most recommended.

And I wouldn’t link this for most other planes, but the Bonanza really is a fine plane to fly, I have no idea how they flubbed it within the release of the game.

So you have to install this every time you want to use it. Likewise for some of the World Updates. The streaming version seems stuck some months back for some reason. Besides that it’s brilliant.

I’ve found that most of the world updates are automatically there, but yeah I need to download some of the newer content.

Though after I “download” that content once, i don’t need to “download” it again the next time I play - seems to remember what I picked the last time.

Perhaps you’re on the inside track :)

Norway Bush Trip leg 3. The amazing landscape continues.

Such gorgeous valleys among the mountains and the water. Just amazing. I want to go so bad!