Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

New study level plane:

First look at DLSS in VR (which to be honest I didn’t know was a thing until now).

I tried a bush trip in VR recently and it seems the menus are broken, so I’m more interested in the fixes that he saw than DLSS, to be honest.

SU10 looks amazing. I’m especially excited the preimuim and deluxe planes can now be modded!

Full changes in the update here.

So I’m curious how people here run the game. Do you do it like me where you crank up the object and terrain detail to the maximum and suffer the frame rate consequences but have it look really gorgeous? Or do you choose a reasonable preset where you get a good frame rate?

When I was on my old computer playing this game, I didn’t really have the option of making it look really good without it being a complete slide show, so when I got my new computer I went completely overboard the other way and cranked it up, and it runs fine in most countryside (including most of Russia), but approach a complex scene in Norway with lots of detailed terrain, or a city like Venice, and it just becomes a complete slideshow again, even on this computer.

I really should find a happy medium. Maybe go with the ultra setting and try it out. I think even ultra doesn’t crank up the object and terrain detail to maximum.

It’s the happy medium for me. Fortunately framerate isn’t nearly as important in a flight sim as most other genres, so I’ll accept anything above 30fps.

Besides, it all looks the same from FL400 anyway. :)

Wait, what??? We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Did they unlock the models?

Holy F-ing hell, it is true!!!

The encryption of cfg files for premium and deluxe planes as been removed so the behaviour of those aircraft can be modded. (Forum Thread)

I’m excited about this, as there are some cool premium/deluxe planes that would benefit greatly from community support!

I’ll take a tiny bit of partial credit for this actually moving forward, as the original request in the official forums was phrased in such a way that it implied they wanted all of the premium/deluxe files fully unlocked (which would allow piracy). I submitted a question to one of the official dev streams a while back, and then hung out in chat to clarify to the team, clarifying that most of the community wasn’t asking for all files to be unlocked, just the config files that would allow tweaks and performance fixes. Jorg said that sounded reasonable, and the status changed from “Not Planned” to “In progress.”

Cocky with my newfound influence, I just started a topic requesting that they offer Marketplace airplane sellers the option to unlock their config files as well. I know how things work well enought to know that MS likely can’t legally decide themselves to unlock specific files for a product they’ve committed to protect in their marketplace agreements, but I’m sure many publishers would consider it if the option was there.

If you agree, the topic’s below if you want to read it. There is a little vote button you can press if you support it, though I am not trying to stuff the ballot box. :)

Excellent work, man. Much appreciated for both of these.

Thanks for posting that. It’s gotten a vote and maybe a little bit more from me. 😉

(I’m not dead yet! Just keeping a low profile…)

Congrats on getting the NXi integrated!

Thanks! We’re super-stoked about that. A little bit concerned about when it hits general release and a bunch of folks who aren’t as engaged suddenly have a more complex unit to deal with, but we’re hoping to get some stuff in order to minimize pain there.

Next on the list are the G3000 and GNS units. (Not spilling any secrets there, we’ve been posting progress photos on our discord server for anyone there to see. :D ) They’re coming along nicely.

I really screwed up this leg and got hopelessly lost. Oops.

Got a sweet new toy. It’s awesome, but programming a controller that has no defaults at all is bad enough when it doesn’t have like 100 functions. :) But wow, once this is all set up, it’s going to be amazing! (Winning Orion 2 with the F/A-18 throttle and F-16EX stick — the combo with the most buttons!)

Just gotta figure out how to manage the toggle switches that leave a button pressed when flipped. MSFS seems to get confused when a button is “held down” for some functions.

(Anyone need a T.16000m and Monstertech mounts for it? :-) )

In my defense, the descriptions in this leg are pretty terrible. They’re not even trying! No real descriptions of what I’ll be flying over, just a heading and the time, and then what I’ll reach at the end. So when I’m flying around and I inevitably stray from the course a bit, when I try to get back toward the general direction and reach a town that seems to fit their vague description, I think “oh, it must be time now to switch to the next direction maybe”.

I have noticed that Norway is in way better shape than areas that haven’t received a “World Update” yet. The bridges are actually bridges (and there’s a LOT of them), and there’s lots of churches and soccer stadiums and other places that are really well rendered.

I recently visited Sirena ranger station in Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Sirena is unreachable by road, so the visit involved an hour-long boat ride from the town of Drake Bay, about 30km up the coast. So when I got back, I thought I’d recreate the trip by flying from Drake Bay to Sirena.

Here’s a view of Drake Bay, followed by my early morning photo taken from the beach for comparison.

20 minutes of flight over the jungle and the grassy strip of Sirena emerges from the foliage.

Standard approach pattern put me in line for landing.

And here’s the aircraft parked at the end of the strip, followed by a photo taken there for comparison.

It turns out Sirena airstrip is one of the bespoke detailed airstrips added to the sim. You can really see a surprising level of accurate detail in the sim. This little soccer goal was there in real life. (The sign has actually been moved and updated, but I sadly don’t have a photo of it.)

Here’s the ranger station’s front porch in the sim. I left my shoes on the left side of those steps (you can’t wear shoes on the wooden walkways or in the buildings) and chilled for a bit in a rocking chair on that porch before heading back to the boat. You can book a stay here and sleep in bunks surrounded by mosquito nets and eat at the dining hall, all recreated accurately in the sim. You can even zoom in and read the informational signs on the porch. Pretty impressive.

Ironically in real life, the airstrip hasn’t seen use in several years due to liability issues. You can’t fly into Sirena anymore. You have to take a boat or hike in.

That’s so cool. I found that strip randomly exploring the included non-autogen airports and it became a new favorite for playing with STOL planes.

Lovely stuff, Matt.


I’ve finally had enough of FSEconomy and have spent the last month selling off my assets. 15m v$ in the bank, not too shabby :)

I’ll probably take a long break from the sim now. I kind of overdid it with FSE, flying the same routes over and over for 18 months. It was fun but hopefully I’ll get back to MSFS in a more free form format. Still have a lot of exploring to do.

Now that is damn cool! Who would have known unless they’d been there. That’s some great attention to detail by someone that put that in.

There have been some thunderstorms for the last couple of days where I live. Figured I might as well try flying in them. I’ve done most of my flying in clear weather, I didn’t know what I was missing. Well, part of what I was missing was severely jittery performance and video artifacts, but aside from that it was amazing. Rainbow effects are modeled. It generated a double rainbow (something not totally uncommon to see here from the ground when rain whips off the mountains). I quickly took a screenshot, though it’s in VR and both rainbows are kind of faint in the capture.

I also have been trying out the VL3 and loving it. So sporty and nimble yet smooth. It feels like the Miata of planes.

Man, I’m really itching to get back into MSFS but I’m trying to wait till SU10 is properly out.