Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Ran into this one myself flying into and out of MMUN in my A Pilot’s Life career. Glad to see it’s fixed.

Oh, also SU15 is supposedly going to be dropping today, finally.

Really pleased to see this space developing quickly. I’m going to have to try this out to see if I can use my Stream Deck in VR.

It’s been a while since I did a bush trip. This NZ DC3 trip is pretty cool. I do wish they’d let you start cold and dark on a runway though. Half the fun of the plane is starting it up.

So all I see new in the FS2024 Game Showcase trailer were a blimp, hot air balloons, and a fourth Edgley Optica to go with the three we already have.

Looks great, though, and Nov ship date.

And an A330.

Looks like it’s by INI based off the EFB.

I really just want to see what improvements they’ve made to the engine/scenery/data. There was a little bit of that in the last dev update, but still nothing to really justify the change in version number.

Expo is in a few weeks so we may get that then.

So glad there’s going to be an Edgly Optica in the Sim. The one freeware and two payware versions we already had obviously we weren’t enough.

There were only 22 made of the real plane, so with a little more effort from the development community they could individually model every single Optica, each from a different publisher.

I’m guessing they are considering the career stuff to be the biggest thing to justify a change in version number and new purchase. I am most curious as to how that is going to work. I’m pretty happy using Neofly in that capacity now but would love something more tightly integrated.

In theory, yes, but we still don’t know how it will work, which will make a big difference (to me) in how meaningful it is. Will it be a properly dynamic system like Neofly, or just a series of fixed missions, more like the bush trips. I suspect the latter based on what they’ve shown (and not shown) so far. In which case, it’s the sort of thing that could be done in an expansion. Either way, I wish they’d say.

Apart from the career stuff, which I am cynical about, I don’t mean to be pessimistic about the new version. It’s just they’ve said so very little concrete. Which is fine, I’m sure they have a marketing schedule. It just clashes with how open and detailed they normally are about the dev pipeline for 2020. So I’m getting frustrated with seeing all these teaser trailers and not much more.

Last year they had the teaser trailer at the Xbox event and more info at Expo. I expect Joerg’s presentation at Expo to go into more detail.

What I want is details on the premium versions. I fly almost every day so I will get then big versions this go.

Since I haven’t had enough time to even do the bush trips, I guess I’ll be fine with a series of fixed missions in the game. But if that’s the case, I hope the settings of the missions are varied and all over the world, not just Europe and North America centric like the World Updates mostly were.

And Australia and New Zealand! It is weird how these supposedly global games (I’m looking at you Assassins Creed) are so eurocentric. I’d love to see a southeast Asia update. Or a Himalayan one. Or Indonesia. Or central African Highlands or etc etc

Anyone else going to Expo next week? My lovely wife when I mentioned next week is the big FS event she said, “And why aren’t you going?” So, at the last minute now I am.

So it’s an event where Flight Sim fans will get together? Which city?

Vegas baby, Vegas.

Another AI-driven add-on, this time for cabin announcements:

Too dear for my tastes, but I have been tempted to get a cabin sounds mod. Would have picked up FSRealistic but I see more complaints than praise these days.

TIL that the initial approach fix for one of the runways at Newark is GRITY.

That’s the one from the direction of Philadelphia, no less, LOL (I didn’t know this, either, until your post and I looked it up)