Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Yeah, I bought the Carenado C182 first day. You can adjust the various volumes in the sim separately – I killed the music. :)

Nice plane, but the view bug (POV View Right shows the left view) is really annoying. They said it’ll be fixed in the update, but no update yet on the in-game store.

Here’s the very northern tip of Chesapeake Bay

Holy cow. Glad you told me that. I didn’t happen to use that within flight. I did notice so initial yo-yo pathing when I was first lining up the AP to a GPS signal in flight. That may just have been how I was position and the very light bumpy flight I was having.

To be honest I picked it up for a couple of reasons. I have a buddy that owns one and I kind of wanted to mimic the experience with it in-game. I also noticed on the meta FSEconomy game that a decked out 182 is going for the same price as a 172, so with true capability for 3 passengers and a little more cargo, it’s dollar for dollar a better deal. (edit: check that, it looks like some entepreneurs are selling the decked out 172 versions (IFR/AP/GPS) for lower rates now, around 195k and up.)

Do you buy these directly in game?

9/3 developer update

tldr: there is a second patch which is in final testing. They will provide additional information including patch notes and release date in next week’s developer update.

Here’s their top priorities and wishlist. More detailed list of problems they are working on is in the developer update.

Here’s a nice municipal runway in Carolina Beach, NC. Imagine having planes landing in your backyard.

I flew an approach entirely by autopilot in the Cayman Islands. 15 kt crosswind (which is impossible in most of North America given the 225/3 bug.) The AP put the plane down precisely in the middle of the runway, using the wind to push it onto centerline just at touchdown. But when I say the middle of the runway, I also mean the middle of the length of the runway too. Luckily the TBM has a short stopping distance.

We have a place like that right by here in Chandler called Stellar Airpark. A few of the houses over there have hangars.

Yes sir. Under the Marketplace tab on the main screen, then if you don’t see it on the highlighted specials content, select, “Official Content,” tab.

I’ve yet to do this. I tired a few times this afternoon and just fell back into standard landings, which I need more practice at anyway. It just never, “kicked in,” when I chose it.

That airstrip is quite cool. Carolina Beach is so small it makes me wonder where it’s at there? I’ve been flying nearby there in Wilmington, KILM. There are some awesome views up and down the Eastern coastline. I should fly down into the Caribbean

Also a beautiful praise video:

4/5 from the Daily Star, the last bastion of games journalism.

We can laugh at a few of the ratings. They deserve the praise though. This is an amazing experience of a game. The number of, “wow,” moments is pretty high.

I’m thinking about taking the plunge – debating about GamePass, too. A few questions for you guys:

  1. I don’t expect the entire world to be in wonderful detail. But are there parts of the world that have gotten more attention? I used to fly on “PilotEdge,” a network in which you have to talk to human air traffic controllers, and it was confined to the US southwest. It would be nice to have just that area in higher detail. But I’d settle for a highly-detailed Seattle area, say.
  1. Are the iPhone head-tracking apps better than TrackIR? I have TrackIR but I get annoyed having to wear a hit with the sensor, and sometimes the tracking is wonky. Do the iPhone apps work if the room is a bit dark? My screen still illuminates my face, so I would hope it works.

  2. I have a ProFlight Yoke system that I haven’t used for a couple years. I used to fly with it using XPlane. Any idea whether it will work well with MSFS? I imagine there are much better yokes by now?

Thanks in advance!

Here are the areas you can expect to be fairly close to real life. My experience is that the features that diverge the most from real-life even in these photorealistic / photogrammetric areas are bridges which often don’t look at all the same as they do in real life unless they’ve hand crafted them (they even sometimes appear underwater with cars driving across them anyway) and the shoreline, where docks and boats tied up actually are underwater 😕.

Rumor has it that Seattle and surrounding area in particular looks good, because that’s where Microsoft is located. I do know they have had batches of journalist fly out to Seattle for press briefings and demos, so that would also point to them wanting Seattle in particular to be well done.

Tucson is on the list of photoglamourized cities but you may be amused as I was to see that the rivers in town all have water in them.

Thanks for the info. I actually think 341 cities is a surprisingly impressive list. And yes, I mentioned Seattle deliberately, as I imagine MS would want to model that area particularly well.

Sorry to hear about those Arizona rivers!

  1. Strangely, for the vast majority of your time in-game it’s perfectly fine even without the extended data. The game excels at about 500ft AGL on up. Everything will look amazingly REAL from that distance, and the weather will look light years beyond most other sims I’ve seen, at times anyway. You’ll see real rainclouds develop and from a distance see the rain, rainbows, etc. Massive thunderstorms are just crazy to fly toward up high, etc. Below 500 feet, things still look good, but we tend to see the things that don’t look right and focus on them: bridges that aren’t right, cars that drive on the dirt and not the road, roads that look like 2-D dark textures, sunken docks, houses or buildings with the wrong texture or height, etc. But there is still something there. You’ll probably see your house, or where you work, or grew up, or something recognizable.

  2. I’m able to manually add both my older joysticks. They were never great in the first place and I think I sadly threw away my older thrustmaster yoke, otherwise I’d attempt to use it. If you can plug in your yoke and windows recognizes it, all of the controls can be mapped in-game most likely. The thing you might miss is a BUILT IN mapping, and they have those for surprisingly few systems as yet (prior to this next patch anyway.)

Monsoon season! :)

The rivers flow for like two days out of the whole season, hehe, and if they were ever as full as MSFS showed them there would be problems.

Thanks for the helpful replies. So has anyone tried an iPhone head-tracking app?

Yes, I’ve been using Head Tracker. You can try it for free, and it’s only $2. Found it works best with the iPhone on a stand or small tripod, behind the keyboard.

I haven’t compared it directly to TrackIR – my TrackIR 5 is in a box somewhere in my scary office closet – but it feels comparable. It works, but it’s a bit weird now that I’m used to VR.

That HP Reverb G2 can’t come fast enough…

For you and me both, Denny. I can’t wait. Do we have any clue when they are doing the full announcement? I know testing/review units went out many months ago.