Microsoft HoloLens


This is a user hack. Portal themed HoloLens video that I found thanks to that Eurogamer link. I just find that so cool.


Looks like the U.S. military wants a go at these things:

The contract, which could eventually lead to the military purchasing over 100,000 headsets, is intended to “increase lethality by enhancing the ability to detect, decide and engage before the enemy


We’ve been seeing that coming in science fiction stories, movies, and games for a long time now. It shouldn’t come as a surprise except it feels pretty early to lay $480,000,000 on the barrel head.

It expects devices to vary from their consumer-grade counterparts in a handful of key respects. In a document shared with companies bidding on the contract, the Army said it wanted to incorporate night vision and thermal sensing, measure vital signs like breathing and “readiness,” monitor for concussions and offer hearing protection. The Army said the winning bidder would be expected to deliver 2,500 headsets within two years, and exhibit the capacity for full-scale production.

$192,000 per visor. At least it’s not a hammer.

(Yes, I realize much of the cost is to cover research and development.)


Jeez, what don’t they want the visors to do? How about VTOL capability?

Also, the research and development will probably be really slow or even never-ending in order to keep some people employed. Expect more payouts when the $480,000,000 is used up and the result is sub-par.


So, China’s doing Nosedive, and now the US is doing Hated in the Nation. Only four more epsiodes to go before Black Mirror Season 4 is real.


Almost two years ago to the day, reported that MS was going to skip the Gen 2 Hololens for a bigger leap in Gen 3.

Gen 3 is near.