Microsoft Intellimouse software question

So i recently downloaded the newest Intellmouse drivers and software (version 5.0 I believe) and when I went inside to remap some of the button and wheel settings to my liking, I was dismayed to discover I could no longer have the ability to ‘refresh’ my web pages using one of the mouse buttons.

An oversight on MS part? I used to have one of the thumb buttons placed on the side of mouse(usually reserved for moving forward and back through web-pages) set as refresh which I found always useful. Now you can choose almost any other function including window swap and copy/paste but NOT refresh. It’s just mysteriously absent.

Strange question I know, but any way to fix this?

Most browsers use the F5 key for refresh. You could always map it to that key. Kinda dirty, and sucks if that button ever allowed for any other functionality in other apps (especially if it was read as a useable Mouse button in games), but should work.