Microsoft just broke my XBox One

So I was just on the phone with Microsoft customer support trying to change my email of record, because it was asking me to confirm my acces to an old account I haven’t used for 3 years. I’ve been getting along just fine buying games, movies, etc. with an updated email already on record.

So they process this change and then when they have me reboot it says I need to wait 30 days before I can log in again. Tjere is no way around this, it keeps looping to the “comfirm code” screen. I escalated to a supervisor at this point.

He tells me that I will not be able to play my Xbox One, offline or on, for 30 days. No workaround. All games, gone. I can’t even log in anymore because it keeps looping back to login screens.

Microsoft just hosed me. I’m going to get all of these games for Christmas and I can’t play any of them. I am so steaming mad. This is unbelievable.

How do I contact the higher ups at Xbox/Microsoft? I can’t believe there is not a workaround for this situation. They locked me out of my own Xbox!

Damn, that really sucks - I can’t even imagine how that’s possible. I hope someone here has a workaround or connection to help you out!

They started doing this 30 day lockout thing a while ago. There’s no way around it. Dumbest crap I’ve ever heard of in the name of security.

It’s absolutely insane. Do you think I could return it to Amazon? This is not my fault at all, I consider it a faulty product at this point.

That sounds insane.

I believe it’s a Live account restriction - I had to go through the same process with my wifes email account also. Inexcusable.

I’d imagine they’re pretty cagey about allowing immediate access to someone who calls up claiming not to have access to their email account anymore, considering the level of access to financial accounts you can get. Annoying, maybe, but fairly reasonable.

They should have a way to put a freeze on new purchases without locking out existing digital purchases.

But I could get into my email. The email I’ve been using to verifying my identity, financial information, and purchases works just fine. They have no problem with my identity. This is an old email address from 10 or so years ago back in the original Xbox days. I haven’t even seen it in years.

That is an insane level of incompetence.

You gotta be kidding. Did they warn you beforehand? Did they give you any indication that, if you proceeded, you were going to be locked out for 30 days?

I had about $50 of Microsoft bucks stolen from my Xbox Live account a few years back in some widespread FIFA hack. They told me that in order to get it back, they would have to freeze my account for at least 30 days, and during that time I would be unable to use it. I ended up eating the $50 loss.


Something similar happened to my wife’s AppleID when we wiped her iPhone. 30 days she couldn’t access her purchased music.

I think we’re looking at the price we pay for all of this online and cloud convenience. No free lunches.

Not at all. This kind of bullshit isn’t somehow inherent or required to sell games online. It’s just poor service, plain and simple.

Amazon is very easy to get a return authorization out of. Return it, get your money back, buy something else. I had a couple really bad experiences with Xbox live on my 360, and it’s the reason I haven’t and won’t buy an Xbox1. It’s easy to think you can keep shoving things like this in peoples faces and they will just take it, but at some point ridiculous is ridiculous. Vote with your wallet.

This is why I’ve never had an xbox, xbox 360, xbox one.

Go Sony.

I am going through the same issue. Question was the old email the primary email address?

I guess the lesson is to record the emails used on every account for everything in the future. If I decide to stop using a particular address then log into every effected account and switch the primary email to the new one.

I suppose the same problem can occur if using secondary authentication. What happens if you are using the Google authenticator app or the Battlenet version and your phone breaks? I shudder to think about that.

I think they need to implement something that allows a switch to a text message to the phone number on the billing account. I would think that should be an easy check to do.

Though, with Sony, you have the absolute best data security you could ever imagine.

Yeah, your info is TOTALLY SAFE AND SECURE with Sony. They’ve never had any problems. Ever.

And yeah, this still totally sucks. Are you not allowed to use a different account and still use the saved games somehow?

— Alan

Actually, the lesson is to get your own domain name and keep it for the rest of your life. Even if you just set it up as a mail bounce, there’s no reason to ever have to depend on some random third party service for something as crucial as e-mail. With all the things that need an e-mail address these days, I can’t understand how folks ever get into a situation where you no longer have access to some e-mail address you once had.