Microsoft looking to buy Discord

Offer went up to $12 billion, but Discord says no.

Maybe Discord thinks they’re worth as much as Slack. These numbers are so insanely high that I can’t help but think they’re all wildly overvalued, but what do I know? Maybe.

They’ve obviously been burning money for years now, and it’s not entirely clear if they have a business model other than getting acquired, so I’m kinda surprised they said no.

$12 billion sounds insane.

$12 Billion comes from Bloomberg, but it’s paywalled

Well, I guess now they can go public and we can find out what the market thinks they’re worth.

Tech stocks, particularly video/voice streaming stuff are overvalued atm, it was the perfect chance to sell.

Remember when Groupon turned down Google’s $6 billion offer?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

What a twist!

I laugh at the people who thought MS was going to be an issue now. Sony is the damn worst at tech stuff.

Remember, Yahoo! turned down 44.6 bllion from Microsoft and its remnants were sold off from Verizon to …private equity vultures for 5 billion.

Heh, Yahoo and AOL were just sold off again today.

Has anyone used AOL or Yahoo in like a decade?

My mother (70s) still uses yahoo mail.

She played card games on there too, but recently moved to another site.

My dad will never let go of his AOL email account. Never.

My in-laws use AOL. It’s all they know.

If I ever get like that, QT3 needs to find me and kill me.

I mean you’re posting about someone using a veritable internet dinosaur on a FORUM so, you know :-)

Sony isn’t buying out Discord though, and if they’re willing to integrate it with the PS5 that’s hopefully a good sign.

Agreed, provided it’s just a partnership or whatever then it probably won’t change anything.

Well I did issue a mean tweet at the Dell Server account today.