Microsoft mouse on Mac - help!

I just got a wireless optical microsoft notebook mouse for my PowerBook. This model has a little button on the side that allows you to zoom in and out of the screen to magnify it.

Problem is, having installed the intellipoint software to run it, it’s basically borked by computer. Every time I boot up now the screen automatically zooms into maximum magnification. The only way I can fix it is to press the magnify button on the mouse to make it de-zoom. Which basically means I have to carry this fucking mouse around with my PowerBook forever now unless I find some way to fix it.

I’ve tried fiddling with the moust button settings to no avail. What I’d like to do is just get rid of this Intellipoint shit and return my Mac to a point before it was ever installed. This is a serious pain in the ass. Can anyone help?

Can’t you just find the intellipoint app and delete it, and any MS preferences files in Library/preferences or system/library/preferences?