Microsoft now owns Scrolls

Title Microsoft now owns Scrolls
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 15, 2014

Microsoft has purchased Mojang AB, and all of its game properties. Scrolls is now a Microsoft product, as is a little indie project known as Minecraft..

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How am I supposed to know who these Manneh and Porser people actually are without them having silly internet nicknames?

I guess it's a mixed blessing that Jeb and Dinnerbone didn't quit.

Pretty obvious that that the unending and increasingly vile attacks by the gamerghazi crowd, put some serious fear into such a well known/publicly available figure like Persson. So he peaced out before "the internet" started showing up at his house. Great job "Gamers!" Keep it up and there will be no talent willing to stand in front of your mob, pitchforks hurt.

Real cute, Nick Diamon.

Thank goodness you won't have to sort out how much the Minecraft 2 DLC packs will cost you in Microsoft Points.

I think the billions of dollars was probably a bigger incentive.

Sure sweet sweet moolah is a fine incentive, maybe not so much if you live in a country with a 79% income tax and your splitting it three ways.
Persson directly states that watching "This is Phil Fish" (a video that examines the "hatred" that surrounds one of games' more polarizing figures. HINT: Phil Fish isn't hated but there are enough trolls to chase him away from games) was when he started thinking about his place in a "community" that only demands more, while dumping vitriol on anyone they perceive as slighting them.
Good for Notch, run like hell from this collapsing bridge.

So they pay for a company while the company's talent bolts? Doesn't sound right. I guess they are just banking on the fact that whatever Mincraft 2 ends up being, good or bad, it's just going to sell a billion copies and they will get a good ROI that way.

Microsoft isn't buying Mojang as much as they are buying a brand. My news post was a bit tongue-in-cheek because obviously Microsoft doesn't care about anything else Mojang may be doing. It's all about Minecraft's impact on the younger audience. That said, Minecraft does pretty well saleswise. It moves an average of 10k units a day. That's going to take a while to hit $2bn profit, but that's not something you can easily dismiss either.

Take a while, like 30 years at that rate - No someday they want to sell a new $60 minecraft game to everyone that already bought minecraft.

I was going to post something similar but you nailed it.

Even 7% (or whatever the math works out to be) of 2.5 billion dollars is still more than enough money to live on for the rest of one's natural life.

Oh please. He took a large payday - and there's nothing wrong with that! Let's not "blame" the internet for his "misfortune" of making 2 BILLION dollars.

It would be capital gains tax (30% in Sweden) not income tax. And according to Wikipedia Swedish top income tax rate is 56%.

Thanks for that info.

To put into perspective how much revenue Minecraft generates, Microsoft states in their press release that they expect to break even on their $2.5 billion purchase by fiscal year 2015.