Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

Wow. Wow.

Dammit. I use Paint almost every day at work for very simple graphic edits, usually to edit files sent to government agencies or convert between formats. This is stupid. I have to have a subscription to Photoshop now to convert from TIF to JPG or BMP? Of make some small edits to a TIF? C’mon.


Paint being there was comforting.

I still use Paint once in a while because it’s so quick and simple to use. It’s a convenient tool for marking up a screenshot.

Just like you can re-install the classic Calculator app, I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same with Paint. It won’t go away that easily. is an excellent program. Free, quite powerful, and easy to use.

There’s also The Gimp, which is also free, much more powerful, but… not intuitive.

Paint is awesome. Paint 3D, the replacement, sucks balls.

Edit: I believe you wanted @stusser. Your link leads to an actual paint company.

Yeah, another vote for I’ve used it on various Windows iterations since it was first released.

Also, as I understand it, being marked as deprecated doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be removed, just that it’s not actively developed and they don’t have to support it. And it’s not like it was a hotbed of development activity to begin with.

The problem is the name of the application is a URL, but they don’t own said URL.

Just noticed that. Weird.

It’s just too hard to market a group of diverse millenials using MS Paint. Therefore, it might as well cease to exist.

The name is based on Microsoft’s .NET dev framework, not its web URL. This has led to a ton of confusion over the years and general pandemonium.

Of course. Stupid of me.

Whaaaaa? Well that is unexpected. Might be time to finally learn, or whatever the proper web address is. (yes I know, and I also know the .net weirdness, but whatever)


For quick fixes without installing anything:

And Affinity is pretty slick and getting better all the time, if you want a lean Photoshop replacement for a good price without the subscription: