Microsoft Plays For Sure(tm) part III


Microsoft gives up on eBooks:


They’re refunding everybody, so it’s basically OK. Not like this impacts a lot of people.


I didn’t even know MS sold ebooks. Nice marketing.


Your annual reminder to never buy into a Microsoft digital ecosystem.

This news following closely behind the annual reminder to never rely on any Google service but Mail, Maps, and Search, and only those if you don’t mind the just useful features repeatedly disappearing and then coming back two years later objectively worse!


Google Photos is the best service the company offers, you’re missing out.


Unless you paid with something that can’t be refunded, like a gift/value card or a credit card you don’t have any more. In which case you get store credit! For the store where they just take stuff away from you when they don’t want to support it any more.

Also, I don’t know if MS ever had sale/discount prices on their ebooks, but I usually buy ebooks when they are on sale. So if this happened to me I almost certainly wouldn’t be able to replace the ebooks I’d bought at another outlet with the refund.




Well, thank goodness it didn’t happen to you then. Bullet dodged!