Microsoft salutes the troops by telling them to just stick with the Xbox 360

Title Microsoft salutes the troops by telling them to just stick with the Xbox 360
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When June 14, 2013

Military troops are just like civilians. They use videogames to relax and compete with each other while overseas or on active deployment..

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Does anyone else find it hilarious that every time MicroSoft try to swing around their massive cock, they end up tripping over it instead?

This begs the question...could Microsoft be working with the terrorists to demoralize US troops?

So do we just send the head of Microsoft to Gitmo or the entire corporation?

Do military bases really have bad internet?

Not trolling, I'm genuinely curious.

I'm guessing those in Okinawa or Stuttgart would have a pretty good connection, Afghanistan less so.

I've always wondered why part of the debate about restrictive DRM on PC games wasn't "why does Ubisoft/EA/etc hate our troops?"

Don't blame you a or UB soft is Microsoft tripping over itself And not every military soldier has access to the Internet again for the last time understand

If you'd read the article, you'd know that the soldier in question is in the Navy- his "base" is a floating city that is at least sometimes entirely cut off from contact with other humans.

Too, region locking is going to hurt his ability to play. It sounds like many of his games were purchased overseas while on liberty. Here it sounds like the PS4's policy of "just buy the games you want and play them on the system you bought from us" will be much friendlier.

So is that the middle finger salute?

Deployed troops are frequently in situations with zero non-official Internet, and these are the places where blowing off steam are most important. They'll just use PS4's now instead.

Are you really, genuinely outraged that sailors deployed long-term on ships -- a very small minority of Navy members, not to mention active-duty military -- cannot play videogames on Xbox? I mean, really? Why do you care? Are you on a boat and want to play videogames on it all day instead of working and doing boat-things?

It just feels like you want to be outraged.


Also, I don't detect any "outrage" in his comments.

Empathy for soldiers and sailors who can't play a $500 videogame console while they are deployed on-duty in a military vessel? Seriously? Of all the things to be empathetic about in the world, that ranks extremely low to me.

It's really nerd rage. Let's just call it what it is. The nerds want to bash Microsoft, and this is one way to do it while seeming to care about the Army.

If you bothered to read any of the articles linked instead of making a jackass of yourself, you might understand the weight of the situation.